Give Me a Sign I Want to Believe

The poems in this book are for the poem contest do please like and fave me. Thank you, BYE <3


1. Letters of Lies

You wrote me a love note, one everyday
I wrote you one back,with what i thought was the perfect thing to say
But one day they stopped and i saw you with another
I see that you found a brand new lover
You told me she is perfect, but u said the same to me
I have the proof in the note, and its clear to see
You get a new girl and throw the old one away
Even though u told me I was the one that would stay
You said I was yours, that I was your forever
But i see now that only jealousy brought us together
You used me, only to get the girl
And to think I actally thought that I was your world
But i guess its time, time to say goodbye
Good bye to the love notes that were only lies

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