Fighting, Love, and Some Magical Stuff

Hi, I'm Brittany! I'm walking home from a party with my BFFs Callie and Jessica. As we were walking, we hear some guys talking, but as we got closer, we figured out the guys were One Direction! Amazing right? Wrong! We overheard something we weren't supposed to hear....what happened? What did we hear? Well read my story to find out!


4. You're Not Human?

Brittany's POV

"We're not human..." We stares at Liam for a moment before we burst out laughing. "Not human? That's absolutely ridiculous!" Callie exclaimed. As I looked at the guys, I saw a look in their eyes that told me they were being serious. I spoke up, "If you're not humans, then what exactly are you?" The girls looked at me like -are you actually believing this?!-but I brushed it off and started at the guys again. "Come on. If you're not human, then prove it." The guys exchanged some looks and left the room. All was silent until Jessica started asking questions, "Where did they go? Are they going to kill us? What if they're not human? Why did the-" I cut off her rambling with a slap on the back of her head. "Ow!" she said as she rubbed her head. This sent Callie into a fit of giggles, and soon we were all just laughing. At least until Niall came back in the room.
Callie's POV

We all saw Niall come in so we stopped laughing. 'I wonder what he's going to tell us?' I asked myself in my head. Maybe they weren't normal, well at least to me they didn't seem all that normal. Niall smiled and asked us, "So you want me to prove to you that I'm not human?" We all slowly nodded, not exactly sure what to expect. He smiled once more and snapped his fingers. Right in the middle of the room, a tree appeared... a TREE! We all gawked at the tree, our mouths hung open ad our eyes wide with shock. Niall smirked and snapped his fingers again. This time the tree disappeared and shiny gold dust fell to the floor. We looked at each other, then to Niall. None of us new what to say. Finally Brittany spoke,"So what are you?" "I'm an Elf." he replied. We just nodded, still shocked. He walked out of the room again and Liam came in. "So you found out Niall's an Elf, do you want to see what I am?" We nodded eagerly. "Okay, not to be weird or anything, but I have to take my shirt off unless I want a ripped shirt." We all mumbled some sort of reply, only wanting to know what he is. So he took off his shirt and closed his eyes. A pair of bright white wings appeared. "You're an Angel!!" Jessica shouted, then quickly covering her mouth. Liam chuckled. "Yeah, I'm an Angel." His wings then disappeared and he put his shirt back on. He walked out and Louis came in. He said, "So Niall is an Elf and Liam is an Angel. Can you guess what I am? No? Well I'll show you!" We all watched Louis as he just disappeared into thin air! "What the heck?!" I shouted. "Where did he go?!" Brittany asked to nobody in particular. Suddenly, Louis appeared behind Jessica and shouted, "BOO!" We all jumped and screamed, Jessica looked like she was about to have a heart attack! "What the heck Louis?!" Jessica shouted. He just laughed. "So do you know what I am?" "A GHOST!" We shouted at the same time. He laughed once more and replied, "Correct! Someone pat them on the head and give them a biscuit!" We all laughed. Louis disappeared again and Zayn and Harry walked through the door. Zayn spoke first, "Okay now, don't be freaked out-" Brittany interrupted, "Seriously? I think we would've been freaked out by the whole 'tree, wings, and ghost thing' but we aren't so what are you guys?" Harry and Zayn exchanged some looks and Harry spoke first, " I'm a Werewolf." "And I'm a Vampire." Zayn blinked and his eyes were glowing red and his fangs came out. Next, Harry blinked and his eyes glowed a golden color and he let out an animalistic growl. We all stared in wonderment and shock. They composed themselves so they looked normal again and the rest of the guys came in. They looked at us, waiting for a response. "Wow" we said together. The boys chuckled. Niall spoke, "That's not the only thing we needed to tell you. We believe that you three aren't human either..."
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