Fighting, Love, and Some Magical Stuff

Hi, I'm Brittany! I'm walking home from a party with my BFFs Callie and Jessica. As we were walking, we hear some guys talking, but as we got closer, we figured out the guys were One Direction! Amazing right? Wrong! We overheard something we weren't supposed to hear....what happened? What did we hear? Well read my story to find out!


2. Questions?

Jessica's POV

When I woke up I was in an unfamiliar room. It had purple walls and hardwood flooring. I looked beside me and saw Callie and Brittany sleeping. 'Where the heck am I?' Cautiously, I got out of the bed and walked around the room. It had three doors: one led to a big bathroom, another lead to a walk in closet, and the last one led to a hallway. I poked my head out the door to see if anybody was there. I stepped outside the room and quietly closed the door. As I walked, the floor would creak a bit, making me flinch slightly. 'How big is this house?' I thought to myself. Eventually, I found some stairs that lead to what I believed was to be the living room. I saw a light on inside a room next to the living room. Slowly, I approached the doorway and saw a messy brown haired boy sitting at a table. He must've heard me coming and looked up at me. His eyes were a blue-gray color, he smiled at me before gesturing me to sit. I say in the chair directly across from him, waiting for him to tell me something. 'He's kinda cute' I thought. 'No Jessica! This guy kidnapped you!' "I'm Louis" he chirped. I gave him a small smile before saying, "Jessica". We talked just a little bit before another guy joined us. His head was shaven, but not fully shaven. He also had brown eyes. He smiled at me and Louis, "Good morning" he said. "I'm Liam, what's your name, love?" "Jessica", I stated. Liam smiled again and went to cook breakfast. Just then, questions started going through my mind and I was going to get some answers. "Liam, why did you and your friends kidnap my friends and I?" He turned towards me and said, "You will find out when the others wake up." I could tell by the tone of his voice he wasn't going to change his mind so I didn't ask him anything else. I thought to myself, 'Louis is kinda cute. Even though he kidnapped me, I wonder if I like hi- no! Jessica that's silly. How can you like someone that way when you just met them?'
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