Fighting, Love, and Some Magical Stuff

Hi, I'm Brittany! I'm walking home from a party with my BFFs Callie and Jessica. As we were walking, we hear some guys talking, but as we got closer, we figured out the guys were One Direction! Amazing right? Wrong! We overheard something we weren't supposed to hear....what happened? What did we hear? Well read my story to find out!


8. Meet the Girlfriends

Liam's POV

I'm so excited to see Danielle again. I know Zayn can't wait to see Perrie. We told the girls that Danielle and Perrie were coming soon, but we left out a small detail... they are Supernaturals too. The girls were pretty excited to meet them, and I could tell that they would all get along great. I heard the doorbell and raced to the door, with Zayn at my heels. I opened the door to see Danielle and Perrie smiling brightly at us. I grabbed Danielle and pulled her into a kiss. When we pulled away we saw Zayn and Perrie still snogging. I cleared my throat and they pulled away, blushing. Danielle laughed, "So Liam, I heard you have some friends you'd like us to meet?" I nodded and took her hand, leading her inside with Zayn and Perrie following. As we approached the living room, I heard a lot of laughter. 'What on earth are they doing?' I asked myself. We walked into the room and saw Harry, Niall, and Louis on top of Brittany, Callie, and Jessica. Not what you think! The guys were tickling the girls. They were all laughing so hard that tears were sliding down their cheeks. Danielle and Perrie started laughing, which caused Harry, Niall, and Louis to jump off the girls. They stood up and all of them were blushing. Danielle and Perrie started 'aww'ing and giggling at them. I chuckled and wrapped my arm around Danielle, "Girls, this is Danielle and Perrie. Danielle and Perrie, this is Brittany, Callie, and Jessica." Danielle and Perrie said their 'hello's and swept the girls up in huge hugs. We talked for a bit more before I noticed the time, "Guys, we have to go! We're going to be late for our interview!" The guys scattered to their rooms to get ready, while Brittany, Callie, and Jessica looked confused. "Do you not know who we are?"

Brittany's POV

"Do you not know who we are?" Liam asked. I thought for a moment, before mentally face-palming. I looked to Callie and Jessica, and we shouted together, "One Direction!" Liam chuckled and walked to the guys' room. "I can't believe I missed that!" shouted Callie. Jessica and I nodded in agreement. "So," Danielle started, "Did Liam or Zayn tell you what Supernaturals Perrie and I are?" We shook our heads no. "I'm a Banshee and Danielle is a Reaper." Perrie said. "Aren't Banshees that scream a lot?" Jessica asked. "Banshees wail or scream when someone close to them is about to die." Perrie explained. "Reapers help souls cross over to heaven as Angels, like Liam, or to hell as Demons, or send them back to earth as Ghosts with unfinished business, like Louis." Danielle stated. We nodded. "What Supernaturals are you three then?" "I'm a Witch, Jessica is a Spirit, and Callie is a Fairy." I responded. We chatted a but more before the guys came back out. Liam and Zayn kisses their girlfriends goodbye and the guys gave Jessica, Callie, and I hugs. Harry hugged me a bit longer than the others. After they left, we continued talking. Suddenly, Jessica and Perrie shouted, "Lets go shopping!" We all laughed and agreed. Callie, Jessica, and I ran upstairs and got changed:

After we got changed, we met Dani and Perrie downstairs. "I'm going to text Liam and tell him where we're going. I don't want him to worry." Dani said. She texted Liam and we headed for the mall.

Liam's POV

As we walked into the studio where our interview was taking place, I got a text from Dani: Hey Lili! Perrie, the girls, and I are going to the mall for a bit. Love you! 'I hoped they were taking their body guards', I prayed silently. I hadn't realized that Harry was reading Dani's text over my shoulder until he asked, "Are they taking body guards?" I turned to face him, he looked slightly worried. "I hope so I'll ask her." So I called her:(phone conversation) D: Hey Li! How's the interview? L: It hasn't started yet. Are you taking the guards with you? D: Yes Li, I'm not that stupid. L: I just wanted to make sure you and the girls were safe. Bye, love you. D: Love you too! (end of phone conversation) I nodded to Harry, confirming that they did bring body guards, and we went to catch up with the others.

Brittany's POV

Perrie had just introduced us to their two body guards, Tom and Mike, while Dani was on the phone with Liam. When Dani came back, we went inside the stores. When I told Dani and Perrie we didn't have any money with us, they just waved it off, saying they had enough money to pay for us. I had argued that we should just go to our flat to get money, but they insisted that it was not a problem. When we left the mall, we each had at least two or three new outfits each. When we got back to the boys' flat, we said goodbye to Tom and Mike, and went inside. Callie, Jessica, and I took our clothes upstairs to our bedroom (the bedroom we woke up in, in chapter 2) and put them away in the closet. We decided to change into something more comfortable, and went downstairs for a movie night with Dani and Perrie. Here is what we wore:

When we met Dani and Perrie downstairs, they had set up popcorn and a selection of movies on the table. I immediately ran to the movies, picking up a horror movie, ignoring the annoyed groans from Callie and Jessica. They hated horror movies, whereas I am in love with them. I put the movie in and pressed play. Dani, Perrie, Callie, and Jessica curled up on the couch while I layed down on the floor. We were about halfway through the movie with the girls almost scared stiff, when the guys burst through the door, making the girls scream which caused me to start laughing. The guys chuckled at the girls' screams and my laughing spasm. Dani and Perrie got up to sit with Liam and Zayn, Louis and Niall sat beside Jessica and Callie, and Harry joined me on the floor. We watched movies for a bit longer before we all fell asleep.
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