Fighting, Love, and Some Magical Stuff

Hi, I'm Brittany! I'm walking home from a party with my BFFs Callie and Jessica. As we were walking, we hear some guys talking, but as we got closer, we figured out the guys were One Direction! Amazing right? Wrong! We overheard something we weren't supposed to hear....what happened? What did we hear? Well read my story to find out!


3. Crushes Maybe?

Callie's POV

"OW" I yelled as I hit the floor with a loud thud. I looked towards the bed to see Brittany leaning over it with her hand over her mouth, trying to suppress a laugh. I just glared at her and stood up, looking around the room. Brittany got up as well, and as we were checking out the room the door burst open. "Which one of you is hurt?!" the one with the black quiff yelled worriedly. Brittany and I looked at each other and fell to the floor laughing. The guy just stared at us like we had three heads. We composed ourselves just before two other guys came in behind Quiff-that's what I'm calling him for now, I just can't remember his name- to see what the commotion was about. The one with blonde hair with brown roots stood out the most to me. 'This boy is gorgeous' I thought to myself. I noticed the guy with curly hair approaching Brittany. Then the blonde one came towards me and said, "I'm Niall, are you okay?" I decided to reply, "No I'm not okay, I'm Callie. I'm not sure who okay is though." Niall laughed, "Funny and cute. Nice to meet you Callie." I smiled but then thought to myself, 'Am I starting to like my kidnapper?'

Brittany's POV

Curly was walking towards me and the last time that happened, he knocked me out. 'If he tries to touch my shoulder again I'll break his arm' I thought. He smiled and held his hand out saying, "Hi, I'm Harry. You are?" I hesitated for a moment before shaking his hand and replying with, "Hey Harry, my name is Brittany." I swear I saw a smirk sweep across his face for a moment. "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." 'How cheesy' I thought, but I still felt the heat rushing to my cheeks. Quiff spoke a moment later, "Well I'm Zayn. How about we all go downstairs for breakfast?" Everyone nodded and we followed Zayn to the kitchen. As we all came in the kitchen, we saw two other boys, I'm guessing they are Louis and Liam since I remember those names from last night. Callie and I took seats on either side of Jessica while Harry took the spot next to me, Niall went next to Callie, and Zayn and Liam took seats on either side of Louis. We at our breakfast in silence, nobody knew what to say just yet. Once we were all finished eating, Louis took our dishes and put them in the sink before returning to the table. Liam broke the silence, "I suppose you girls are wondering why you're here..." 'More like why you kidnapped us' I said to myself. "Well we all know you girls heard our conversation last night. We couldn't just leave you alone with you hearing that. There's also another motive to you being here as well." All of the boys were staring at us intently, when Jessica suddenly spoke, "So what is your other motive then?" We looked to Liam as he said, "We are not human..."
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