Fighting, Love, and Some Magical Stuff

Hi, I'm Brittany! I'm walking home from a party with my BFFs Callie and Jessica. As we were walking, we hear some guys talking, but as we got closer, we figured out the guys were One Direction! Amazing right? Wrong! We overheard something we weren't supposed to hear....what happened? What did we hear? Well read my story to find out!


6. Authors Note

Hey everybody! Brittany here! I just realized that I had some spelling mistakes in chapter five, not my fault by the way *cough cough* autocorrect *cough* Sorry if you thought this was an update, but I wanted to make it clear that Louis is Jessica's trainer. That's it! If you recommend this story or favorite/like it, I would really appreciate it! Love you all and I'll post another chapter soon my lovelies!!
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