Keep Running, Don't Ever Look Back {A Zombie Apocalypse Story}

What will you do when that day comes? The day when zombie's attack your planet? Ericca Patch & Marcos Blanco are about to face the unexpectable when California is attacked, and soon the whole world will be. But, first, they must try and find their team, their friends which includes Esteban Castro, Joseph Spencer, Daisy Cantrell, Elijah Laque, Nick Perez, Johnny Oneli, Keely Ruiz & Angela Neri. Will they find eachother or will they die alone by being eaten alive? Will they surive the horror they are about to face?


2. "Welcome Back, Esteban"

   My eyes flooded with fear and horror as I stared at everthing, it was real, I was looking at all the horror for real instead of staring from the window. I gulped down a lump that had formed in my throat. Alright, maybe I thought wrong, maybe we should stay, was it worth it? I glanced over my shoulder at my cousin, Marc who was also slightly fearful,

"L-lets go,"I whispered softly before walking forward silently with him following.

We stayed alert as we began to walk down the street, no zombies in sight just yet.

"So, where we gonna go first?" Marc broke the silence.

"Well, since Esteban lives just down the street from here, so, maybe we should go and see if his still alive first.." I sugguested.

Esteban, Estban Castro. I just hoped he was still alive, he was like a brother to me, he was extremly special, we've known eachother since 6th grade, and were now in 10th grade. Yeah, I know, four years, and I still have a strong feeling for him. Though, he would never tell me him middle name, all I knew was the first letter of it, B.  I let a small sigh escape my lips as we continued to walk.
"Would if Esteban itsn't alive..?" Marc asked in a soft muttered.

I raised my eyebrow at him,

"Don't even think it.." I growled low, not wanting to know what I would do if we found Esteban dead or worst, as a zombie.

Marc rolled his eyes at me making me snort harshly.

Daniel's street was even worse then Countryside, more blood and dead things, even a couple zombies two or three maybe? But they were down the other side of the street, away from where we were walking to. I glanced back at the few dead zombies as we turned on the corner and started to fast walk down the street toward Mohr circle. After a few more minutes of walking on the same street we finally turned on the corner that led toward Esteban's house, just a few more steps. My heart started to beat faster and my grip tighten on the handle of my gun as we approached the proch of his house. Marc looked back at me, I swallowed hard and he nodded his head, I simply nodded my head back. We started to walk slowly, guns in hands, I felt like we were walking like the soliders in the miltary when they were approaching a house like in the movies. I watched as Marc slowly reached for the door knob, he twisted it and opened the door, he brought his hand back and let the front door quietly slide open so we had a full veiw of the empty bloody house, it was obvious they had been attacked. I started to think Esteban was dead, Marc somehow felt what I was feeling because he looked back at me,

"There is still hopes..." he quietly whispered to me before stepping into the house and pointing his gun in all directions, I did the same just in case. "Jesus christ..." I whispered, staring at all the blood spalttered across the walls as we began to slowly walk upstairs after checking most of the rooms downstairs. I sucked in a deep breath at the last step, hearing something and we both freezed. Our eyes were wide as we gazed around, looking for something that made the noise. Then there it was, in a room, zombie. I gasped quietly as I stared at it. It wasn't Esteban thought, it was his little sister, Vanansse. She was only a fourth grader, she was always with me and Esteban when we walked to his car after school. I chewed on my bottom lip, remembering those memories of us. Marc stepped infront of me, holding up his gun at her. I couldn't bare to watch, it would break my heart to see this little girl I knew so well to fall because of Marc. I whimpered and looked away, closing my eyes tight before Marc pulled the trigger. Bam. It only took a few seconds before the little zombie girl was on the floor, dead.  I reopened my eyes, hearing a soft shuffling in a room nearby. "Esteban..." I whispered softly, looking at the room, the door closed. "Ericca, be careful..." Marc told me, watching as I made my way to the door. I swallowed hard before slowly opened the door, hands shaking as it creeked open, revealing what was inside. A bathroom, a small bathroom. I felt like I was gonna burst into tears any second when I him. Huddled in the corner, bloody and crying, scared. Esteban. Marc came behind me to see. I walked into the bathroom, Esteban staring up at me fearfully. "Esteban.." I whispered, half of it in a whine as I dropped to my knees infront of him, my gun crashing against the floor next to me after I dropped it, making him flinch. "E-Ericca...?" he asked, a whimper. "Oh my gosh...." I choked, leaning forward and pulling him into a tight hug, tears streaming down my cheeks of happiness that he was alive. He also cried as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Oh Esteban, you have no idea how happy I am to see you..."I muttered, choking back more tears.

"Esteban, are you bit, infected?" Marc asked, he was right on the questions, right off the bat, he knew exactly what was going on in this world.

I felt Esteban shake his head slightly, responding to Marc's question. I felt more happier when I pulled away from Esteban slightly, looking in his eyes, giving him a comforting smile. Marc sighed as he leaned against the wall.

"Ericca, Esteban, lets go we gotta get out of here before more zombies come," Marc informed us, looking over his shoulder nervously.

I nodded before slowly standing up, I took Esteban's hand aswell, making him stand up. He swallowed hard as I led him out of the bathroom, Marc moving out of the way. I watched as Marc made his way down the stairs. He looked outside then up to us, nodding his head once telling us it was alright. I gave Esteban a nice smile, I felt him relax a little. Still holding his hand, we walked downstairs to Marc's side.

"We should try to make it Bass Pro Shops, a great source for us, might be a struggle getting there but its worth it," I told Marc.

Marc nodded, "Yeah. Don't be suprised if we don't find more survirvers," he said as we began to walk out of the house and back onto the bloody streets.



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