Keep Running, Don't Ever Look Back {A Zombie Apocalypse Story}

What will you do when that day comes? The day when zombie's attack your planet? Ericca Patch & Marcos Blanco are about to face the unexpectable when California is attacked, and soon the whole world will be. But, first, they must try and find their team, their friends which includes Esteban Castro, Joseph Spencer, Daisy Cantrell, Elijah Laque, Nick Perez, Johnny Oneli, Keely Ruiz & Angela Neri. Will they find eachother or will they die alone by being eaten alive? Will they surive the horror they are about to face?


1. "We Must Leave, Marc"

A huffed out a breath of hot air as I stared out the glass window of the front room in my house. The rim of my dark hazel eyes clouded with sadness as I focused on the outside, the diseter. Crashed and smoking cars of all kinds, glass and blood poured everywhere, any living thing out there was now dead, and many other things out there was broke if not dead. Everything was gone forever, never to come back, how would I ever survive? A pressed my finger tips softly against the dirty glass window, I felt tears form near the corner of my eyes. I shook my head and quickly looked away from the outside, I pushed off the glass window. I watched as a tall boy walked toward me, my cousin, Marcos, Marc I will always call him. His eyes were also clouded with pure sadness. I opened my mouth to say something as he stopped infront of me, but, I couldnt say what I wanted, did I dare?

"Marc," I finally began, "I-I can't, We can't.." I corrected myself.

"We can't stay here anymore... before we are also killed by those dead walking things out there, even if it means leaving my, our family here to fend for themself... and die maybe... we cannot stay and think that we will live happy here..." I finished, my voice cracked with sadness and fright of what he might reply with. I blinked my hazel eyes when I saw my cousin nod his head and opened his mouth to speak,

"I know, i've been thinking about it, maybe we should leave, now," he stated.

I sighed with slight relieaf before making my way toward the garge, I glanced over my shoulder to see Marc following close behind me. I looked forward as I slowly turned the knoob of the entrance for the garge, I turned it and opened it, ccrreeakkk the door screech, making me flinch slightly. I sliently walked into the garge and made my way over to some extra cabinets in the corner, with Marc following. I sighed nervously as I glanced at the side door which was shut and locked thankfully. I glanced at marc again before opening the cabinets and smiling slightly as I stared up at four hand guns along with some amo for them. I reached up and grabbed everything from it, the four hands guns, extra amo, and two hunting knifes. I twirled one of the hunting knifes in my hand,

"This stuff should hold off until we find some more weapons to protect ourselves with," I pointed out before tossing him his hand gun then grabbing a small black duffle bag where I quickly stuffed two of the hands guns and the two huntings knifes, keeping one gun for myself.

He nodded in reply before speed walking back into the house, I watched him for a minute before running after and softly shuting the door behind myself. I walked into the kitchen to see him opening the snack cabinets, I rasied an eyebrow at him. He looked at me,

"Might aswell bring as much snacks as we can," he told me before grabbing a box of villian and chocoalte pudding from the cabinet.

I nodded before walking to his side and watching as he dropped the pudding in the duffle bag and going through the cabient full of wonderful snacks and food.

"Twinkies," I heard Marc say as he pulled out my favorite snack, Twinkies.

My mouth watered slightly, "Heh, Twinkie dude..." I giggled, I was obviously talking about the cowboy guy that had played in the one of the zombie's movie called 'Zombieland'.

It was actually a pretty good movie I had to admit. Marc smiled before he stuffed the box of twinkies into the bag then conintued to go through the cabinet. After Marc has finished packing away lots of goodies into the duffle back we headed toward the door. We were both emtremly nervous of what would happen, we stared at eachother blank. Since Marc was carring the heavy duffle bag I stepped forward and slowly opened the front door which would lead up straight into the horror streets. As I slowly opened the door to the open, I stared outside, scared.



Author's Note:

*Sorry for any spelling mistakes -__- I'll fix them later. Anyhow! Heres my first story I'll upload here.... I have a Wattpad account that most of my stories are on .-. I might upload them here.. Hm.. Anywho! Please comment your feedback with suggestions or anything! Please rate and fan ^.^

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