I wish it was a dream

Your typical teenage girl crushing on the HOTTEST boys in school. But when they all fall for her what will she do? It causes drama between these boys. They were all best friends. But now? Who knows! Sadie doesnt know who to turn to. She cant talk to her 'bff' anymore. If she told anything to the guys they would 'brag' or get broken hearted. Her supposed to be amazing senior year turned into a total disaster. Who will she pick? Will her and her best friend compromise? Can her last year be tuned back around? Stay tuned if you want to find out!! :)xx


5. Why me?

Did they really think all that? Im scared to go back down. Why didnt Ashley stick up for me? There were so many questions running through my mind that I knew were never going to get answered no matter how hard I tried to get them. I just wanted to run away right now. Nothing is right. Nothing. I feel like they are all lying to me. I looked out the window and watched the birds chirp all happily and the squirrels run around having fun. I dont know why. But this made me feel happy. I whistled and it seemed like i was in another place for a little while. I sat on the floor and took out my journal and started writing. Then I heard a soft knocking on my door.


"Zayn?" I couldnt help but stare at all of his tattoos. They were so hot and sexy. I couldnt help it. I feel weak and i think it was pretty obvious by how he was staring at me and how i stared back. I think I was making him uncomfortable by my odd looks and strange breathing by now.


"Uh, Yeah. Im sorry for what I did. I hope I didnt make you feel um. Awkward..." How could he make me feel awkward?? Honestly I think it is kinda cute how he thinks that!

"No!! Not at all! But honestly why did you guys stick up for me on twitter?" I was imagining any response possible like: 'Oh ha. We didnt mean that!' Or something like: 'Oh haha! Because we are all hopelessly in love you silly goose!!'


"Uhm. Cause. Its the right thing to do.. Now come down stairs so we can talk! Your mom and Ashley have left and me and the guys really need to talk to you!" I really had no choice. He made the cutest puppy dog face that only a heartless emotionless person could say no to.


"Finnee" I said sounding annoyed. I dont think its fair that after all these years when i liked one more than the rest that one hated me more. But it switched year. They all somewhat bullied me in away. 




"hey guys! Wanna eat lunch with me?" I hope they will. I really wanna be near them! 

"Sorry! No can do! I think something is bound to pop!" Louis exclaimed making gestures towards my pimply face.

"Hahaha! Dont get to close! Some of it might rub off on you Lou!! You dont want that now do you?" Harry responded quickly making the rest of them laugh even harder making me feel. Um. Wierd?

"Oh guys! Its not contagious! Dont worry!!' I was trying to explain to them but they kept on laughing.

"OH MY GOD ZAYN?! What is that on your face?! It wasnt their until this peasant showed up." Louis just kept on cracking jokes and I didnt like it. I dont understand why. My mom always told me when boys pick on you its because they like you. I wasnt sure that this was the reason.

"Come on guys lets go i dont want to be embarrassed seen with her!" I cant believe Niall said that. It really hurt me. Like alot. Am i being bullied? I um.. Wow. 

I quickly ran into the bathroom I took a good at myself. I didnt see anything wrong with my face. I still cried. I cried for the whole lunch wave. Thats about 30 minutes. The bell rang and I went back to class.




Wow. They really were jerks. They have been that way to me for... ever.. Why did they stop? Why now? Why this year? Is that fair to me? Maybe this is what Ashley was talking about! Cant be.


"Hey Sadie!! Your back!" Niall quickly blurted out. I kept on thinking of what they said about 5 years ago and what they said 5 minutes ago. 'We want to be here!' 'Shes beautiful!' and 'Dont get to close it might rub off on you' 'I dont wanna be embarrassed seen with her!' Things change so much these days. My face went from :D to "/ in the matter of seconds. They all looked at me in confusion and disappointment.

"So, what was so important that you interrupted me for?" I was kinda hoping they would just let me go back up stairs. But of course they would never do that. For some odd reason, I felt kind of.. um.. like I was in sometime of scary movie where they all turn into some like serial killer and rip me to shreds. Kinda like me favorite book Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Or something like that. I think.


"Silly! We just wanna have a simple conversation with you!!" Louis seemed to have a really big grin on his face that made me very scared yet anxious. I was pretty much freaking out.


"Err okay.. So start talking?" I was still kind of confused of why they are still in my house. Wanting to talk to me! I was really confused cause now they all gave each other a some what scary smirk and Harry cleared his throat and started to talk.


"Well, Sadie. Listen. We. Um. Niall wanna take it from here?" It almost seemed he was really nervous. Why? Harry Styles is NEVER nervous!! About ANYTHING! Okay. Usually im very calm and who am I kidding?! Im never calm!! Its like im a chiuaua  on drugs or something!


"Ummmm... Louis?" Niall seemed nervous too. Well that was usual. But my head was getting tired of all the swing it back and forth at the boys giving them very confused looks. But when ever I looked over at them they would look away quickly. Was there something wrong with me? I just wiped my face trying not to make it seem like i was worried. Even though i could tell it was showing.


"HAHAHA!! No. Zayn Buddy?" Louis too? Something was really up now. I could tell. I was giving them a look that clearly said 'What the fuck? Just fucking tell me already!' Now Zayn looked like a confused puppy trying to find his owner. I felt bad. But what the heck it was really attractive! He shot his face directly to Liam.


"CAN SOME ONE JUST TELL ME WHATS GOING ON!!! I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW!!!!!!!" They looked at me sadly. Just as Liam was about to open his mouth I quickly blurted out sorry. "Oh god. Im sorry. Im just in an impatient mood right now." I was looking down at the ground when Liam walked up to me. He lifted up my chin and looked me dead in the eyes. "Sadie. Why are you wearing contacts? Your eyes were beautiful before. They always shined perfectly in sunlight, and please. Go take them out before you damage your eyes."


"I um-" I started but then Liam continued on "Please?" I went to my bathroom and took them out and stared at my self for a long time trying to think. As I was standing there. I heard the boys talking about me. Im not quite sure what they were saying but I didnt like it. I wasnt sure if I wanted to go out or keep on listening. I decided to go back out.


I cleared my throat to get their attention They all looked up and stopped arguing... Fighting... Talking... Gossiping... Or whatever they were doing. "Oh your back! Now look at those gorgeous Hazel eyes youve got." What am I the big bad wolf now or something? Whatever.

"Uh yeah. I am. So can we start talking now? Im kinda... Uh... Tired.' I really wasnt I just wanted to leave them an go back up stairs. I was tired of all of this! Acting like they care about me. Pshh! Like they really did.


"Well, We were kinda um... I uh.. We. Um like.....Yo....gurt! Yogurt! Have any yogurt?" Niall nervously exclaimed and have a nervous smile on his face. But Damn he made that sexy! I wanted to say something but all that came out was a high pitched little giggle. Nialls face turned bright red. The rest of the boys sstarted to laugh at him. Which made his face even brighter, I kinda felt bad, KINDA. But im not a complete bitch so I hugged him. Tightly. I Let go but when i did he gave me a cute little smile back. The others gave him glares. I shot them right back at them so they all looked at the floor feeling guilty. I gave each of them a BIG bear hug.


"Well, Sadie. You have me and Niall's numbers so give us a call. We have to go now see you tomorrow" Liam seemed very upset about having to go. I tried to put on my fakest sad smile ever. I could tell they noticed it was fake because Harry laughed as he walked out of my house.


As soon as they were out of sight I ran up into my room and screamed as loud as I could. Yeah I know BIG drama queen. But I was really confused and being confused is not fun! Especially when it comes to boys.



Hope it was good :) I think I might start another. I dont think im going to continue 'The Boy Next Door.' Im not feeling that one <3 bye byee

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