I wish it was a dream

Your typical teenage girl crushing on the HOTTEST boys in school. But when they all fall for her what will she do? It causes drama between these boys. They were all best friends. But now? Who knows! Sadie doesnt know who to turn to. She cant talk to her 'bff' anymore. If she told anything to the guys they would 'brag' or get broken hearted. Her supposed to be amazing senior year turned into a total disaster. Who will she pick? Will her and her best friend compromise? Can her last year be tuned back around? Stay tuned if you want to find out!! :)xx


4. Tweets

I was at the park all alone. I went on the swings and pulled out my phone. I looked up my favorite song and sang it like there was no tomorrow. I finally finished and then I heard clapping. I turned around it was Harry. Great. More issues. Woo Hoo..

"That was really good."

"Uh Thanks Harry. But pretend that you never heard me sing okay?"

"How could I forget such a beautiful voice? Just like you?" My phone rang. It was Ashley. "Shit..." I mumbled. "What? Was it what I said??"

I felt bad that Harry thought it was him. "No! Nooo!! Give me a second I will be right back.

Yes Ashley? Im kinda busy right now!

I told you to STAY away from these boys!!!! And I thought your phone was dead.

No. I heard you talking to Liam so I wanted to know why. And I wont leave these boys alone until you give me a reason not to.

Great. She hung up!!!! What am I doing wrong?

"Sorry for that Harry.." Of course he was gone. 

I just wanted to go home. I listened to my all time favorite band. One Direction. I wonder what it would be like to be there friends... I bet it would be less drama...

I got home to see Ashley with Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn, AND Liam!!! I tried sneaking up stairs but Zayn caught me. "Sadie! Your back!!" "Yupp. Im back."

Harry looked at me with disappointment. Lots of it. I returned a confused look. Harry looked away quickly. "I have to do homework mom! Can i go upstairs and do it? ALONE?" "Um why not.."

Liam said he would do it for me. "I will do it." The boys and ashley all looked at me waiting for an answer that was never coming out of my mouth. I looked at my mom and ran up stairs. I knew somebody was going to come up stairs. But who? I heard a knock at my door. "Go away." I know. Im making it  big deal. "Come on let me in Sadie." "Why?" "I want to talk to you." "But I wanna-" He barged in locked the door and kissed me. I really thought it was a bad idea but i let him kiss me. I kept on thinking of Ashley and told me to 'be careful' He left my room without a word. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Why do these boys like... Me? Whats so good about me? Im ugly, short, not skinny, stupid, I cant sing, I have ugly hair, big thighs, wierd toes... So why me? There is nothing special about me. Im always treated unfairly. The last priority in the house. My voice sounds ugly. I dont know why people listen to me. How can I be a flyer at cheer?" I started to cry. Just like everyday but this time I needed to stop.

I saw this 'mean' girl from school walk past my house. but very slowly... Then my phone went off

You were mentioned in a tweet!   @Madderswuvsuuuu65: Ewww!! Why are @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik and @Real_Liam_Payne hanging out at @sadieladie3 house?!

Why does she even care? My phone kept on going off... 

You were mentioned in a tweet! @Dischicdoee: Ahhh @Madderswuvsuuuu65 why would they want to be caught dead at @sadieladie3 house? Doesnt it smell? Thats what @AshleyySchroll says,

Okay thats it. Im tired of all this hate. It wouldnt stop. Then I got 5 more mentions...

You were mentioned in a tweet!  @NiallOfficial: Actually @sadieladie3 house smells nice and we WANTED to come over. @Dischicdoee and @Madderswuvsuuuu65. Real Mature guys.
You were mentioned in a tweet!  @Louis_Tomlinson: I agree with @NiallOfficial. And @sadieladie3 is beautiful! @Dischicdoee @Madderswuvsuuuu65
You were mentioned in a tweet!  @Harry_Styles: Next person to send @sadieladie3 hate is going to get it! *cough cough* @Madderswuvsuuuu65 @Dischicdoee
You were mentioned in a tweet!  @zaynmalik: Please stop. Just cause you hate, doesnt make you cool. Please come back down @sadieladie3. Dont mind @Madderswuvsuuu65 and @Dischicdoee.
You were mentioned in a tweet!  @Real_Liam_Payne: I cant believe people like that really do exist. Please forget what i said @sadieladie3 we only wanted to chat with you.
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