I wish it was a dream

Your typical teenage girl crushing on the HOTTEST boys in school. But when they all fall for her what will she do? It causes drama between these boys. They were all best friends. But now? Who knows! Sadie doesnt know who to turn to. She cant talk to her 'bff' anymore. If she told anything to the guys they would 'brag' or get broken hearted. Her supposed to be amazing senior year turned into a total disaster. Who will she pick? Will her and her best friend compromise? Can her last year be tuned back around? Stay tuned if you want to find out!! :)xx


3. The 'seceret'

Ashley had left the library and i sat there and thought to my self.. "be careful. Be careful about what?!"

I guess the librarian heard me talking 'too loud' "SHHHH!"

damn woman.

I really need to know why ashley doesnt want me liking them!! Is it because there is 5 of them?

I was walking out to hear Ashley talking to somebody on the phone. This is all i could make out:

Yes. I know. Yes. But. Listen. Dont. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Why not? Really? Just leave her alone and move on. Yeah. uh-huh. you too. Bye.

Who on Earth was she talking to? Well I am going to find out.

"Ash?" sh jumped so high everybody was staring at her like she was a freak.


"Sorry... Can i use your phone? Mine died...."

"Yeah go ahead."

"Thanks ill be back in a sec.."

I searched through her recent and found a number that i did not recognize. I decided to text it.

"Uh here you go. Um i have to... go now... bye."

I ran away before I got a response.

"Bye too you too!!"

Is this Niall?

No. Im Liam.


Oh Hi Liam. Its sadie...

How did you get my number...??

I guess I read Nialls number wrong...

Oh.. What were you and ash talking about?


No response..

Great. The best first day ever turned into a holy crap. Hope I dont get killed.

The rest of the day was going by slowly... 

Finally last bell. Instead of going to Ashleys I went to a park. My favorite park. Ever.

Hey baby, how was your first day?

Good mom

Thats good. You at Ashleys now?


Why not?

No reason. well i gotta go mom. love you.xx

You too... xoxo




Sorry its short!! Its just late and im tired!!! love you guysssss!!!!!:)xx

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