I wish it was a dream

Your typical teenage girl crushing on the HOTTEST boys in school. But when they all fall for her what will she do? It causes drama between these boys. They were all best friends. But now? Who knows! Sadie doesnt know who to turn to. She cant talk to her 'bff' anymore. If she told anything to the guys they would 'brag' or get broken hearted. Her supposed to be amazing senior year turned into a total disaster. Who will she pick? Will her and her best friend compromise? Can her last year be tuned back around? Stay tuned if you want to find out!! :)xx


2. Geez. Now you tell me/

Hey guys! If you want to see Sadies Outfit here is a link to it ;)xx http://sadieladie3.polyvore.com/


"Hey ash, why dont you like me liking the boys?" I really wanted to know why she really never told me why.

"Why do you wanna know babe?" why cant she just tell me!!!!! Ughhh

"Well, Ash, you know how much i like them and you never like me 'staring or fantasizing' over them."

"Fine! I like them too!!! And i want them all to myself!" I heard the sarcasm in that.

"Is it just me or can you feel all that sarcasm?"

"Well I dont want to tell you why I hate you liking them. Until it becomes a REAL issue." Geez. Never heard her like this. Something is really up with her. And I plan on figuring that out.

"What ever ash, I gotta go. Bell is bouta ring. Dont wanna be late to home room."

"Bye! Text me when you have a chance" I was really pissed off now. I just mhmmed her. I walked away. I was watching the floor as I was walking. Like always. But then i bumped into a blonde boy. I shot my head right up and it was Niall. "Oh my god I am soo sorry!!!" I was freaking out. Cant believe I already bumped into him. Litteraly. "Dont stress. Let me help you with your stuff." Okay now i was having a heart attack."Oh uh thanks Niall." I saw him put something in my stuff. It was a little piece of paper. "Thanks." "Any time babe."

DID NIALL JUST CALL ME BABE?!?! Okay panicing here. Calm downn.. I gotta tell ashley!! Oh wait she wouldnt give to craps. Wow i really need to tell somebody. Wait.... What was on that paper? I searched and searched. I finally found it. it read:

Hey babe. Call me!! ;) ***********(thats the number :D) OH MY FLIPPEN GOD!!

Whats gonna happen next? Louis being my lab partner?? HAHAHA thats funny.

"Good morning class! I am Ms.Terry. I will be your science teacher for the year. I hope that we can get along!" Talk about ms Prep!! "I will be taking attendance very shortly." She went down the list. And was assigning lab partners to us. "Sadie Rozman?" "here" "Okay you will be Louis Tomlinson's lab partner." Okay then.. That is um very coincidental.... "Uh okay..." "Hey Sades..." Louis said while winking at me. "Lou" okay i am officially the happiest girl right now. Ms. Terry started talking but I was to busy thinking how THAT happened. "Okay so thats what you will be doing today in class. You may get started."

I think Louis started talking to me. But im not quite sure. "Hello? Sadie?" "What oh uh what are we doing?" "Dont worry. Just do what I say" Before I knew it I was laughing at everything Louis told me to do. 'RINGGGGGGGGGGG' "Class dismissed.Have a great first day!" We all bolted out of the room. Next period I had nothing so i went to the library and texted ashley.

Hey girl :)xx


Uh -Oh what happened? Why ashley sadd? :(xx

Where are you??

Library why? xx

Im coming dont move.

Okay Sadie wont move :)xx

"Ashley? Are you okay?"

"Does it look like it?! Why dont you leave those boys alone."

"You arent my mother. I can like who ever I want. And you arent stopping me!"

"Just be careful okay?" I completely ignored ash and picked out  a book.

Why would I have to 'be careful'? what was one of them going to hurt me? hmmm.. That conversation stayed in my head for the rest of the day. I really wanna know what she meant by that


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