From Madagascar To Jamacia


3. The Fight

     We arrived in Cape Town and contacted Amelia.  To our surprise, she had been trying to get in touch with us to inform us that Leonzo and his goons had diverted their path to South Africa and had come ashore in Madagascar an hour ago. 

     "This is great, Madasgar is my home country and I know it very well. It will be a lot easier for us to travel around."

     "Amelia said we are headed towards Antananarivo, the capital," announced Seth.

     "All right, let's go", I declared. "We need to get on their tail fast."  Amelia got intelligence that Leonzo's hideout is in a cave on the side of mountain along the Ikopa River. We arrived in Madagascar and were on our way to the Ikopa River. 

     "There's the cave!" bellowed Seth. 

     "Quiet down", I whispered. "We need to find a way in without being detected." We found a secret door and opened it a crack to peek inside.  "Here's the plan, first we take out the two guards at the entrance. Then, we silently work our way up towards his bodyguards and then you throw a smoke bomb and I'll go for Leonzo", I whispered firmly.

     I took out the first guard on the right and suddenly I heard Seth's pistol fire loudly and his silencer fall to the ground.  The whole cave heard the gunfire and Leonzo and his body guards escaped...again.

     "Again, really? I mean, come on! We were so close!" I barked at Seth.  "You promised to have the weapons technician fix your silencer. What happened?"

     "Sorry, I thought I had fixed the problem when I cleaned my gun. Let's just head to the FBI office in Antananarivo and we'll contact Amelia to find out where they're heading", Seth said.

     When they arrived, the whole room was vacant and several FBI agents dead lying in chairs at their computers and on the floor.  I saw written on the wall in blood, I HAVE AMELIA AND I'M HOLDING HER HOSTAGE. I'M AT PICKLED PARROT COVE. COME AND GET HER!

     "Oh my God, I can't believe this.  How could they have grabbed her up from headquarters in Washington, DC? These guys are tougher than we thought." I stressed.  "Come on, we have a long journey to Jamaica.

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