From Madagascar To Jamacia


2. The Chase

     "Well, Seth, we missed him", I said. 

     "I know, I can't believe it", exclaimed Seth.  "Let's head back to headquarters and figure out where he's headed now."

     When we arrived, I immediately found Amelia.  "We almost had him, Amelia!" I uttered in disappointment.

     "I know guys, I can't believe it. I don't know if we can find him, he disappeared so fast in the submarine, we weren't able to trace him", she replied. 

     "I got one of his goons' prints from the steering wheel of the van before we left the scene!" yelled Seth. 

     "That helps a lot. I can track where he is with that."  Amelia scanned the fingerprints into the computer system and after a few minutes, she cried, "We've got him, he's heading for South Africa."

     "Ok, can you get us there?" I exclaimed. 

     "Yes, there is a jet at Dulles Airport you can take.  I'll let them know you're on your way."

     "Great! Seth and I will take the hummer and call you when leave Dulles", I yelled to her as we were running out.

     We arrived at Dulles and hopped into the jet.  "Seth, can you call Amelia and let her know we're about to take off?" 

     After a long flight, I woke up to see the sun rising as we descended into Cape Town.  All of a sudden, the pilot shouted to me and Seth that the landing gear was not working and we were going to have to parachute out of the plane.  Since it wasn't our first time having to do this, we grabbed our gear and in a matter of minutes, we were floating down towards a wheat field just outside of Cape Town.

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