From Madagascar To Jamacia


4. Spike

     When Seth and I tried to leave Madagascar, all that was there was a fishing boat rigged to the back of a truck.  We drove the truck over to a nearby dock,  boarded the fishing boat and headed to South Africa.  There we found our former colleague and friend, Spike, who owns a helicopter.  "Could you fly us to Jamaica?" we asked. 

     "Me, no give you ride without price." said Spike.

     "But Spike, it's your old friends Pedro and Seth. Come on, man, we're desperate. We've been tracking a villainous thug names Leonzo and he's just killed the entire FBI office in Madagascar.  These guys are ruthless and they've kidnapped Amelia Anderson right from headquarters in DC."

     "Oh, oh oh, now I remember you, it's been so long. Tell me about this Leonzo guy. I'll get the copter ready" Spike said in his Russian accent."

     In less than an hour, we got into the helicopter and ascended above Cape Town. We were headed to Jamaica, the country where my wife is from.  I wondered if there was any connection and felt the urge to call my wife to make sure she was ok.  There was no telling what Leonzo was capable of.  If he took Amelia, he could just as easily take Rita.  I had spoken to her earlier in the day, so convinced myself not to worry and I'd call her again as soon as we arrived in Jamaica.

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