From Madagascar To Jamacia


5. Pickled Parrot

     We landed in Jamaica in a private airport outside of Montego Bay.  As we landed the sun was setting and the beauty took my mind off of Amelian and my wife and Leonzo just for a few minutes.  We thanked Spike and asked him if he wanted to join us for old times sake.  He said he was sorry that he couldn't stay and that he had to get back to his family in Cape Town. 

     Amelia's back up at headquarters was a young Intelligence Analyst named Michael.  We consulted with him about the DNA tracking device on Leonzo and he told us that Leonzo had last been tracked at the Pickled Parrot Cove, which we learned was an hour from Montego Bay. Michael had arranged for a jeep to be waiting for us at the airport.  We drove the jeep through the countryside and villages and arrived at Pickled Parrot Cove, where tourists were everywhere, at the restaurant, sun bathing and some jumping off the cliffs into the cove. 

     We parked across the street from the cove and called Michael again to verify where Leonzo was at the cove.  He told us that they were in the caves and holding anyone hostage who swam into the cave.  So right away Seth and I took off all our clothes except for our shorts and made a plan.  I told Seth that I was going to mix in with the toursists by jumping off the cliff and attack from the water.  Michael told us about the stairs in the cliff that go down into the cave, so Seth was going to come down that way so they could surround Leonzo and his two body guards.  We had to be really careful because we didn't want Amelia to get hurt and after seeing what they were capable of in Madagascar, this was serious.   

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