From Madagascar To Jamacia


6. Execution

     It was time to execute our plan and execute Leonzo.  We needed to get Amelia to safety and rescue the other hostages right away.  We adjusted our gun straps and like a quarterback, I motioned like I had hiked the ball and gestured for Seth to go. As I saw Seth head for the top of the stairs, I got in line behind two tourists and was ready to jump.  The couple jumped together and as they cleared the way at the bottom of the cliff, I jumped off.  As a boy living in Madagascar I did a lot of swimming and diving for conk shells so I could hold my breath for a long time.  When I hit the water, I dove down deep headed for the entrance of the cave.  As I entered the cave and grabbed my gun, but in disaster, my gun was jammed.  I saw one of Leonzo's bodyguards and he started taking shots at me.  Luckily none of them hit me and right after Seth came from behind him and hit him in the back with a knife.  The bodyguard dropped to the floor.  There were three other guards and right then and there I knew I was in over my head.  Another guard started firing in my direction but Seth came through again and tossed me a handgun while pulling out another aimed at the other two guards. We quickly took them out also because we clearly had better aim.  It was just me, Seth, Leonzo and one other guard.  Amelia was no where in sight. 

     "You fools!" Leonzo bellowed.  Boom boom, Seth took a shot and killed the last guard.  "You really thought you could catch me and save Amelia?"  Amelia and the other hostages are in the storage room of the Pickled Parrot Cafe.  There's a time bomb in the kitchen that's set to go off in two minutes.  You can get me right now and it's all over but your precious Amelia is gone", cried Leonzo.

     "Let's finish him", I yelled.  Seth was one step ahead of me and as I uttered the words he fired and Leonzo stumbled until he fell into the water.  "Go, Seth, I'm right behind you."

     "I've got this", Seth replied. "You can count on me this time.  I'll deactivate the bomb but I'll need 30 seconds to do it and we're almost out of time.  You get Amelia and the other hostages out of there. Let's go!"

     We sprinted up the stairs to the cafe.  Seth entered the kitchen as I ran through to the storage room. I struggled to open the door, but finally I was able to bust it open and Amelia was the first face I saw. "Everyone evacuate the restaurant immediately!" I yelled. "There is a bomb in the kitchen!  Hurry and get as far away as you can". I helped Amelia to her feet and we quickly ran for the exit.  "Seth! Come on", but there was no reply. I sprinted behind a car in the only time I had and BOOM! The restaurant blew up.  I couldn't believe it, Seth was dead. Amelia and I sat on the curb in disbelief, my partner of 15 years was gone. 

     Just then, I saw Seth run from the back of the restaurant towards us. "We thought you were dead", I exclaimed. "Thank God you're ok. How did you get out of there?" I hugged Seth, it wasn't important  how he got out, we were all ok. 

     "While I was deactivating the bomb, I realized I had run out of time so I went out the closest exit and took cover in a dumpster."

     "Well, Leonzo's gone now and we don't have to worry.  Our job here is done."


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