From Madagascar To Jamacia


1. Prologue


     I arrived at headquarters and was briefed by Amelia, my Intelligence Analyst, that the Capitol building had just been blown up and an armed van zooming down Capitol Hill was fleeing the scene.  Me and my partner Seth jumped in a hummer and began chasing down Leonzo Asendez, one of FBI's most-wanted drug dealers.  After pursuing him all the way to Baltimore, a fellow agent also in pursuit in a helicopter above radiod to us that Leonzo was on his way to the Baltimore Harbor.  His gang secretly emerged from the water at the docks and now I could see Leonzo and two other men sprinting to the submarine.  As the top hatch opened up, a man inside gestured them to hop in, and in what seemed like a flash, the men disappeared below the water. Seth and I had gotten there just seconds too late and Leonzo and his gang got away. As we searched the area, we found two security guards dead at the scene with gunshot wounds to the chest. 

     My colleagues at the FBI call me Pedro, but my full name is Donovan Pedro Langston.  I was born in Guam, a small island in the Western Pacific Ocean.  At the age of three, I was sent to an orphanage in Hagåtña, the capital of Guam.  I was adopted at age five by Daniel and Claire Desmond, who lived in Madagascar.  Daniel Desmond was a retired FBI Agent and now I am an FBI Agent and live in Madagascar with my wife, Rita Kingston.

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