Back For You

what happens when Harry Styles tries to get Serena back? Will she take him back? After he left , lied and cheated on her before? leaving her destroyed? Will she take him back? or stay with Niall?


1. It Was All A Lie?

Serena's P.O.V
The guy I am in love with was never in love with me. it was all a big fat LIE.All those things  he said were lies, i feel so pathetic and stupid. I thought he loved me but no i caught him interlocking lips with the girl I hate, my sister. Megan."Harry What the fuck?" i said with teary eyes. He looks up at me and just smiles. "Hey Serena" he says with the biggest smirk."Harry how could you? i thought you loved me ?" i say now balling my eyes out. " He never loved you sweetie, how could he love a slut like you?" said Megan. i give her a dirty look then I looked at Harry in his beautiful green eyes. "Harry?" he just looks away laughing and says " i never loved you Serena. it was all a lie. I love Megan. i just used you to get closer to  her."  i couldn't take it anymore. i felt so betrayed. i just ran and ran until i was at a park. i was tired so decided to sit on a bench.  It was dark and cold. I was freezing, I wanted to go home but im lost. great. 

Harry's P.O.V 
Megan is really beautiful. i love her. she has black hair, hazel eyes and is about 5'5. I feel really bad about Serena. But i just don't love her. i love Megan. The heart wants what it wants. 

Serena's P.O.V
My eyes were getting really heavy. i decided to call my best friend Chloe. i looked at my phone and just my luck it was dead. "Hey. . are you okay?" a voice said from behind. Then he sat next to me. I couldn't really see his face cause it was really dark.   "uhm you are?"  i asked the stranger. " Niall, the names Niall. Niall James Horan to be exact."  he chuckled. "hey.." I try to force a smile. but i just couldn't. i remember what Harry and Megan  said to me. i thought i couldn't cry anymore. i was wrong. i started crying and Niall just hugged me. "shhh, shh, it's okay. wanna tell me what happened?"  he tried comforting me. " I don't even know you..." " Well, lets get to know each other? lets start by you telling me your name."  "Uh okay... my name is Serena"  i smile at him. " Serena? that's a pretty name." he smiles. 'thanks..." that's the last thing i said before falling asleep. yes that's right i fell asleep in a bench, with Niall beside me. . . i've haven't even seen his face..  


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