Loving You a Jack and Kim Lovestory

Kim Crawford is a 15 year old girl who goes to Seaford high and is bullied by her own crush Jack Brewer. He soon finds out that Kim likes him when her friends are talking about in front of there lockers.Will change how Jack treats and acts towards Kim and will he feel the same?


1. Finding out

 Kim's POV


Oops I smashed another one.Well its time for another day of being bullied.I get up and put on a pink and purple striped t-shirt with jeans and my blue vans and I brush my hair and just let it down.I walk down stairs to see my mom putting a plate of eggs on the table.

Mom what is this?

Oh good morning honey break feast is ready.

Thanks mom I say as i eat

Well mom I got to go see u after school

About that honey I'm going to California for a week for a job interview so theres money in the cookie jar

Ok thanks mom by

Jack's POV

I'm walking into the hall to find Kim and pull a prank on her when i hear her friends Milton,Eddie,and Jerry talking about something.So i hide behind the corner and listen do what they say

Jerry: Bro I still can't believe that Kim still likes Jack after all the mean things he's done to her

Milton: I know right its not cool if i could i'd go and punch Jack in the face right now but Kim would get mad so I don't

Eddie: Same here but we have to go to class so lets go

when they leave i just stand there in shock.


Ok guys I know its short but thats all i could think of but ill post more soon hope you liked :D 









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