Double date night!

Me and my friend named Lexi go on double dates all the time with Niall Horan && Justin Bieber... (Me && Niall) (Lexi && Justin)


1. Date 1

Double Date
Niall &Taylor
Justin B. & Lexi

*Taylor & Lexi are texting*

"Hey Taylor! Wanna go to to the mall?" "Sure. I would love to! What store would you like to meet up at? Jack Wills." "Sounds good! When should we meet there? Now?" "Yeah it should be alright. What are you wearing? But just so you know that store is where every popular teen goes."
* gets to mall and tries on clothing from jack wills *
"How does this look?" "Good! Since you know how big of a belieber I am ...should I wear something that shows that I love Justin?" "Yeah i think if he saw you wearing that he would so come talk to you(; i just hope someone famous comes in." "OMG if Justin was actually here, I would die! Do you like this?" " Yeah you look HAWT!! " "I know, I know" "Yeah. Anyways.. AND JUSTIN IS HERE OMG!!" "Woah woah that..NIALL HORAN NEXT TO HIM?" *Justin whispers to Niall* "Wow. That girl over there is beautiful...should I go over to talk to her?" "Yeah!! Omg he is soo hot!!" *niall whispers back* "yeah go get her tiger" "I will just go look around..." "You should go over to Niall then! I will go talk to Justin! " "Wait they arent waiting for us to go to them, they are coming to us!!"
*Justin walks toward Lexi*
*Niall walks towards Taylor*
"Hey I'm Justin Bieber. You probably knew that because I can tell you are a big belieber" *Justin says while checking Lexi out* "Hello, I am Niall, Niall Horan. I just noticed how pretty you look in this lighting (: . And i love what you've done to your hair." *Niall says while feeling Taylor's hair. "And it's so incredibly soft, just wondering but how do you get it soo soft?!" *Lexi makes (; face to Taylor* "Omb. Justin. Justin Bieber! I'm your biggest belieber ever! Please can I have your autograph?!" "Sure! But I was thinking...maybe I can take you out sometime..? *Justin says with smile* *Taylor smiles to lexi* "Omg Niall? I am like your #1 directioner in the entire world, may i please have a picture with you?! Oh and i use conditioner" "Yeah you may, but just a thought. You might see a lot of pictures together because well i was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me sometime?" *Lexi gives Taylor a :* face* "Yes I would love to go on a date with you!" *Lexi gives Justin her #* "Thanks beautiful: Justin" "Aww i would love to go on a date with you(: would you like my number?" "Yes i would cutie." *niall asks cashier for pen and paper* *Taylor writes down number and returns pen to cashier*
*Lexi walks over to Taylor* *waves Justin's number (which is on paper) in the air* "Ok babe i will text you tonite around 8:00 cya!!" *waves bye to Niall.* "Runs up to Lexi, and jumps around the store yelling yay!!"
*people look* "Shh!! you're embarrassing!" *we quickly check out! Then run out the store laughing*
*gets text from Justin* "Hey, it's Justin! Do you want to go on a double date with Niall Horan and your friend Taylor tomorrow?" "Hey Taylor are you free tomorrow?" "Because Justin wants to go on a double date with you, Niall, me and him?" Yeah (: sure i would love too!
(End of date 1)

#please #keep #reading #and #enjoy!
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