Gone, not forgotten

My entry for the Poetry competition (rhyming poem).
It is about a boy who is life takes a drastic turn, and begins to need some hope....


1. Gone, not forgotten

Lurching left and a mighty crash

Piercing scream, and in a flash

All he ever knew was gone

Left alone, what to dwell on?


Jumping out, disbelief

Massive mess, low relief

He sees a shattered, broken mess

Painful groans, nevertheless.


All is silent, 'Could it be?

Could they leave all home to me?'

For he was seven, and still quite small.

Holding nothing but his mother's shawl.


He was approached by a man who said:

'I'm sorry, boy, but they are dead.'

Realisation hit, taking on full throttle

Hitting him hard as his dad's beer bottle


How could a boy live this world on his own?

It had taken it's toll, no mercy shown.

Parents clinging to life, soon to be lost.

Sadness brought at no greater cost.


The boy holds onto the shawl, begging and praying

That his siblings will step out, that they're only playing.

But for a small boy, is he too young to know,

That terrible things is what life will throw?


Driven home in silence, to collect his belongings,

The boy looks at the door, an unkown sense of longing.

A letter, he sees, on the bench, just for him.

He opens it, and his face is less grim.


Our dear son, he read, I want you to know

That even if we're not with you, there's still hope aglow.

Though physically gone, we can still be with you.

Hold onto us for as long as there's still morning dew.


We love you our son, and always remember,

That we will still love you, whatever, whenever.

When you do something wrong, we can always forgive you.

No matter we hurt you, or the naught that we give you.


We know ending is near, we're sorry to say.

But always do good, and live the right way.

Stay with you, son, is something we'd rather.

All things must end, though. Love your mother and father.


The boys heart doubled over, for this day had been fateful.

He held the paper close, no longer ungrateful.

Although, still mournful, he forgot to feel rotten.

He knew, at that moment, they were gone, not forgotten.






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