Forever Love

Twilght fan fiction goes though almost all the twilight couples


3. Jasper and Alice

Alice p.o.v : "Hi Jasper."

"Wow Alice you look beautiful."

"You always say that.

"Because you always do."

"I know." I just love Jasper. He is always so sweet and honest. He was my first and only love. nothing could ever break us apart. And if I was not sure if he was telling the truth i could ask edward to tell me what he is thinking. "It took me forever to get Bella to let me pick what she was wearing."

"You know she doesn"t like it when you do that."

"I know but it is fun anyway. Where are we going to tonight?"

"We are going to see a movie.

When we got to the car he said "You first ma'am."

"Don't mind if I do sir."

Jasper p.o.v : As we were driving to the movie theater the wind was blowing through her hair. When we parked at the movie theater Alice's cheery red Porsch drew a lot of attention to us. But I didn't care because when I'm with her nothing else matters.

The movie was like all the other movies I have seen in the past century. At least I had Alice with me. When we got home Alice asked "Wanna get a bite to eat"

"Bet I could get a mountain lion first." Then we were of.

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