Forever Love

Twilght fan fiction goes though almost all the twilight couples


2. Jacob and Rensmee

Jacob p.o.v : "Do not tell your mom and dad I  took you here." I decided to take Renesmee to an ice arena because she has always wanted to go. That is why I wanted to take care of her while her mom and dad are on a date. We have not been alone together in a while.

"Please do not let me fall. PLEASE!"

"I would never let you fall, and I would catch before you do."

"I know." Then she pulled me into a hug. She tried to kiss my cheek but she was to short so I had to bend down so she could. Then she whispered in my ear "I love you"

"I love you too." she was so adorable sometimes. Then we got our skates from the rental skates place she asked me to help tie hers then we went on the ice. she alomst fell but i was behind her before she did.

Renesmee p.o.v : "Skating was so fun." It was the most fun I had in a while. I love Jacob he is like a brother to me. My parents will never know.

"I am glad you had fun." when we got home the clock said it was 10:30pm and my parents were not here. So Jacob helped me get ready for bed then I fell asleep. 


I was walking in the woods with Jacob then he dissapeared and was replaced with Aro. Whos hand was held up high then his hand came crashing down on me. I just died.


Jacob came bursting through the door "What happened."

I started crying "Aro killed me."

"I would never let anyone hurt you"

"Never leave my room tonight."

"I would never." then he kissed my cheek and I went back to sleep.

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