Forever Love

Twilght fan fiction goes though almost all the twilight couples


1. Bella and Edward

Bella's p.o.v : "I'm so glad we could have a date night." Renesmee has been a handful since he birthday. She thinks she is old enough to take care of herself , but she is only one! I know she does not look one, but she is. So I was relieved when Jacob said he would take care of her while we were out.

"let's just hope jacob does not tell her anything that would give her nightmares." says Edward.

"yah lets go to the medow now."

The wind blew through my hair as we ran through the forest."race ya"

"your on" i beat edward by less than a second

Edwards p.o.v : When we arived at the meadow it look like we've never been there before. It was so beautiful.

"It's amazing. we have not been here in months." says Bella.

"Bella I love you."

"I love you too."

As we laid down under the stars. It felt like we were there for hours. Then we saw a shooting star and wished that our love would last forever without having to ask her I knew that what was she was thinking too.

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