Life Of a Direction-ette

Try being that girl that everyone is used to not being popular. That girl that doesn't win anything. Try. Try this: Try being that girl that ends up being famous. That girl that everyone wants to be like, but secretly hates. Also, try being all those girls and not knowing what to do about it.

Charlie didn't ask for fame. And yet, it consumed her.

Charlie was used to being an outsider. Y'know. That one girl that everyone knew but never talked to. She didn't even think that she would win the direction-ette contest. And she sure as hell didn't think she would fall for someone in one direction. When things get tough, she wants nothing more than to go home with her mom. Some things aren't so easy.


28. Epilogue

I woke up that morning to the slight pitter-patter coming from the rain outside my bedroom window. My eyes opened slowly and I let a small sigh once I noticed it was stormy outside, no thunder or lightning yet. I went to get from under my warm blue-green duvet, but there were a pair of arms snaked around my waist. I felt my boyfriend soft breathing behind me and I smiled inwardly. I found a way to make it from under the covers without waking my sleeping cuddle buddy.


I walked down the hall and around a corner until I found our kitchen. It was bigger than a normal sized apartment kitchen but still very compact. I had on a blue tank top with green mustaches on it and some grey sweats. I found my ivory tea kettle and put it in the kitchen sink so I could put some tap water in it. I watched the water make it's way into the kettle for a while until I assumed it was full enough for two.


I walked over to the stove, which was left of the sink, and turned the bottom right eye up to high. I placed the kettle on the warming stove and looked around the kitchen for the green tea tea bags, sugar, lemons, spoons and our favorite mugs. The red mugs with our initials on it in white. I watched the stove closely. I jumped suddenly with a shriek when a pair of arms wrapped around my middle.


"Hell, Zayn! You scared the crap out of me!" I yelled loudly. Instead of responding to me, Zayn rested his head on my shoulder. "Morning." He told me in his raspy morning voice.


"Morning, babe." I said to him as I let my right cheek rest on his left. He drew circles in my sides and sighed lightly.


"Have any plans for today?" I asked him. He seized his hands for a minute, shook his head and continued.


"Do you have any plans today, Charlotte?" He asked me, his accent making my name sound even better coming out of his pink lips.


"Not really. We have a day off." I told him.


I laughed lightly when I felt Zayn leave a light kiss on my shoulder. Then another and another. He began making his way up my neck when the tea pot whistled alarmingly. I grabbed the kettle and helped Zayn make both cups of tea. I had the usual. Two table spoonfuls of sugar with a hint of lemon and honey. Zayn doesn't let me make his; he says I put too much sugar in his so I never had the chance to remember.


We would take refuge from the rain in the same spot as always. There's a small cornor between the wall and our black leathered couch that is constantly stationed with blankets and pillows. It was big enough for me and Zayn if we sat crisscrossed and close. We didn't really mind the close part.


"I'm guessing we have a day in?" I asked with a smile. Zayn just nodded, returning my smile. I curled up to him, wrapping an arm around his side as he wrapped an arm of his around my shoulders. We staid quiet for a while after that, just enjoying each others company. I heard the rain pick up and there was loud grumble of thunder. I squezed my eyes shut and gripped Zayn's shirt really tight.


"Charlie?" He worried. He was always worried about me lately like I might break. I was fine as long as he was there. That would always be the reason why I was fine. Him.


"Zayn-" I began but another wave of sounds stopped me. I felt something shift and when I managed one eye open, I noticed Zayn have me in his lap and his hands were rubbing circles around my back. Somehow it actually began to calm me down; it was comforting to have someone there.


You know? Like just having a go-to person. I knew I had Jess, Allison and Davis but it wasn't quite the same as having someone that knows you so intently. So completely. Someone that has seen all of your good and bad but still wants to be there for you through everything. Someone that was always there for you even when they have to do something else because they care for you so much. I don't want to think about if I didn't have my someone. It would be the death of me.


"Its okay." and "Its just a little storm." was constantly being said in our little corner. I knew Zayn was scared too. He had to be by the way he was making very uneven circles along my back. I reached a hand up to rub his cheek and we were just sitting there, rubbing circles. I guess we were different then compared to how we were a year before. We never really sat together like that for too long before.


It was comforting in a sense to have his arms around me, protecting me from the outside world even though I was sure I could do it on my own. I was like 19 at the time. Then the lights went out.


I heard Zayn mutter, "Shit", before he picked me up bridal style and walked me back to our room. He missed a couple of times but what do expect in the dark? He pulled an ruby red throw blanket off the bed and wrapped it around me as if I was cold. I wasn't but I wasn't about to tell him that either. He sat us against the wall facing the bed. There were windows on either side of the bed - one on the left and one on the right - and the bed was low set so we had little things hanging off the ceiling like pictures and drawings. They looked different as the moved slowly in the dim grey lighting. 


"Zayn?" I whispered quietly. I think that was a thing of ours. We were always whispering to each other as if we were hiding in our own little escape and didn't want anyone to find us.


"Hm?" He mused. I shifted slightly so I reach his face and placed a small kiss to his cheek.


"Thank you." I breathed out. I curled up closer to him and we just staid that way for a while. We end up back in our bed, asleep like always. There's times when I'm sure Zayn would realized that he deserved someone better than me but there's also times when I thank him for staying with me. I really like having him here, where I need him most.



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