Life Of a Direction-ette

Try being that girl that everyone is used to not being popular. That girl that doesn't win anything. Try. Try this: Try being that girl that ends up being famous. That girl that everyone wants to be like, but secretly hates. Also, try being all those girls and not knowing what to do about it.

Charlie didn't ask for fame. And yet, it consumed her.

Charlie was used to being an outsider. Y'know. That one girl that everyone knew but never talked to. She didn't even think that she would win the direction-ette contest. And she sure as hell didn't think she would fall for someone in one direction. When things get tough, she wants nothing more than to go home with her mom. Some things aren't so easy.


4. Day Two


The next morning when I woke I rummaged through my suitcases until I found my blue polo and some nice fitting skinny jeans and changed. When I walked back out of the bathroom Liam was already dressed.

"Do you need the bathroom?" I asked trying to remember how long I took.

"No, I took a shower last night."

"Okay. Well, I'm about to go rally up the rest of them guys."


I walked down the hall, down a corner and stopped at room 325. I knocked once, then again.

"Who is it?" someone said in a fake girly tone.

"Open the door Zayn." I murmured.

He opened the door and I was about to walk in but he blocked my way...with only a towel around his waist.

"Well good morning to you, too." He said to me with a devious smile.

I pushed passed him and walked into the room where Niall laid asleep. I gently shook him and he groaned.

"Niall wake up."

"Five more minutes." He purred in his adorable Irish accent. I would have let him sleep, but we had to go.

"He's not gonna get up, you know." Zayn said as he came back into the room with some clothes on.

I sighed and hit the bed twice, as loud as I could get. His eyes darted open and he frowned at me.

"Get up, Niall." I told him in my sing-song voice.

I patted Zayn on the shoulder on my way out of the room. Before I could leave down the hall, Zayn took my hand and pulled me back.

"What?" I asked quickly, trying to hold back the blush that was forming on my cheeks.

"Are you wearing make up?"

"Maybe." I told him defensively.

"Don't." He told me simply and let go of my hand and pushed me out of the room.

I stood there for a second trying to figure out what just happened. I shook my head and walked around to find Harry's and Louis's room.

I sat in the car smiling as I hummed E.T. By Katy Perry. I rocked to the beat as we drove down 1500 Broadway. Soon, Louis joined me and I didn't notice for a while. The only time I was aware of this was when the boys started laughing. I darted my eyes open and looked over at Louis who sat next to me mocking me. I pushed him lightly and went back to my activities.
When the car stopped, I basically jumped out and smiled at the scenery. It was the first time I had really been to New York. I followed in step behind Liam as we walked into the building. I quietly greeted all of the staff on our way in. Did I forget to mention the screaming fans outside the building? I did? Well, I think I busted an eardrum or something. They had the most adorable posters of the boys. When we officially met the interviewer (Lets call her le chick), things kinda out of hand.
I know what you're thinking. What did she say? Nothing, yet. My phone rang. I don't have the most innocent ringtone for when Jessica calls. It just rang and I didn't noticed so it got closer to the end and I pulled it out, all embarrassed.

"Oh my god!! I'm soo sorry!" I said in between laughs. Niall started laughing with me, but Liam told him to shut up.

The interviewer smiled at me and said, "You must be Charlie. It's great to meet you."

"It's great to meet you too." I said, surprisingly honest.

We waited as le chick wrapped up the show before the commercial. I ate a bunch of glazed donuts.

"You need to slow down." Niall told me sarcastically.

"Why?" I belched with a piece of donut in my mouth.

"You've got crumbs on your face."

He reached over and wiped some of them off.

"Better." He said with a smile.

"Thanks." I mumbled as I wiped the rest.

The sound of heels hitting the floor got me to stop blushing over what Niall did.

"We're gonna be back on air in about... one minute and thirty seconds. Are you gonna be ready?" Le chick asked us.

"Yeah." We unisised ( is that a word?).

I ran to the bathroom and made sure I looked okay. I pulled my hair in a pony tail and re-washed my face. I reapplied that irritating as heck make up. When I finished I looked at myself for the first time that morning. I was simple awed. I was actually pretty. Like really pretty. I skipped out and they started counting down till they were back on air. We ran to our seats.


"Well, good morning, America, this is ??? and we're talking to one direction about their new album AND their new band member." She exclaimed with a tad bit too much enthusiasm. She turned to me and said , "So, Charlie. How is it to be apart of one direction?"

"It's awesome! I never expected to be in this position in my life. Ever." I told her in pure honesty. I was really lucky to be there.

"Wow. I never really began to even think the one direction would have a girl member join the band. How is it like for you, boys?"

"Well, I like it." Zayn said while throwing his arm over my shoulders. I just looked at him and he said, "What?! You're cuddly."

"I am not." I disagreed.

"Are to. AND you have awesome taste in music."

I just rolled my eyes and listen as everyone else gave a reason why they liked having me here. I think one of my favorites was when Niall said, "She's fatty."

"What? I'm skinner then you are." I nearly yelled.

"I ment that you eat a lot."

"'Cause I'm always hungry."

And when Liam said, "She is... just a wonderful person. Like, look at her! She's just so innocent."

"Am not."

"Are to." Harry chimed in.

"What the heck ever." I mumbled.  

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