Life Of a Direction-ette

Try being that girl that everyone is used to not being popular. That girl that doesn't win anything. Try. Try this: Try being that girl that ends up being famous. That girl that everyone wants to be like, but secretly hates. Also, try being all those girls and not knowing what to do about it.

Charlie didn't ask for fame. And yet, it consumed her.

Charlie was used to being an outsider. Y'know. That one girl that everyone knew but never talked to. She didn't even think that she would win the direction-ette contest. And she sure as hell didn't think she would fall for someone in one direction. When things get tough, she wants nothing more than to go home with her mom. Some things aren't so easy.


9. Chapter 9

"So, Charlie. We heard your dating a certain popstar." The interviewer, Rebecca, asked me.

This was the first interview that I had on my own, so I thought it would be fun. And it was until i was asked about Harry.

"Well, yeah..." I said awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

"How's your relationship with The Harry Styles going?" She asked me with a devilish smile.

"It's great. We-we met when I joined the group and since then, we were very close." I said, semi lying, semi not.

"Do you see a future with Harry?"  She asked me, leaning close as if we were friends.

I smiled to myself, looking around the gray-ish blue room, trying to find an answer to her question.

"He's awesome. I hope we last for a very long time." I finally answered.

"Well, I hope you two last, as well." She told me. I actually thought she was being honest.


"You're such an ass" I whispered in Harry's ear. We were walking from a coffee shop. I only called him an ass because he was talking about what I wore. Okay! Yes, I did choose to wear floral dress that had roses. I could have sworn that i five years old.

"I might be an ass, but you have a nice one." He whispered back. I blushed up to my temples.

"Aww. Look! You're blushing." He awed as he pinched my cheeks. He pulled me close to him and kissed me on my cheek. He only made me blushed deeper.

My only non-sexual thought other than the fact that his lips were the perfect shade of pink-


I thought that at least the paparazzi would see us together. Yes, that was last thought before he kissed me again on my cheek.

"Stop it!! You're gonna make me drop the coffees." I yelled at him as we neared the hotel. He stopped but when we were about to walk into the hotel, he pulled me close and kissed me sweetly. When he pulled away I was still there smiling and blushing.

"Don't drop the coffees." He whispered to me while holding open one of the double doors.

"I won't." I told him, rolling my eyes as I walked past him.

Later i found myself in me and Zayn's hotel room on my tumblr. Somehow the fans found my tumblr and gave me so many anons. Some hate some love. Some confessions. Mostly words of encouragement about being the only girl in the band. Zayn walked back in and said,

"What's that?"

I panicked and closed my laptop before I countered with a, "what is what?"

He leaned over me to try and get my laptop.

"No! Stop!" I yelled while moving on my back to get further off th bed. He crawled over me and tried again.

"Lemme see it!" He laughed at me. I tried to move from under his grasp but nothing.

"Never!!!!!" I told him. He smirked at me as he grabbed the laptop.
I somehow rolled us over so I was straddling him. I looked down at him and tried to say, "Give it back." but his smile was just so cute. He looked cute as he looked up at me and we just stared at each other. Before we could stare any longer Niall busted through the door saying, "Hey, Zayn do you wanna..." He noticed our grips on my laptop and smiled before easing his way out of the room.

"I beat you." I whispered down to him. He only smiled, flipping us over in the process.

"Not quite."He said back to me. He kissed my nose and pulled my laptop easily out of stone hard grip.

"Thank you for laptop." He told me once he reopened it. I didnt have a password so it was easy for him to get to my tumblr.

"You are a directioner?!" he asked me with fake curiosity.

"Can I get my laptop back?" I asked once i reached for it. He popped my hand with a, "No."

We played this game until i reached and miss letting my hand fall on the other side of his lap. Our faces were way too close. We finally fell asleep to the Hunger Games.

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