Life Of a Direction-ette

Try being that girl that everyone is used to not being popular. That girl that doesn't win anything. Try. Try this: Try being that girl that ends up being famous. That girl that everyone wants to be like, but secretly hates. Also, try being all those girls and not knowing what to do about it.

Charlie didn't ask for fame. And yet, it consumed her.

Charlie was used to being an outsider. Y'know. That one girl that everyone knew but never talked to. She didn't even think that she would win the direction-ette contest. And she sure as hell didn't think she would fall for someone in one direction. When things get tough, she wants nothing more than to go home with her mom. Some things aren't so easy.


26. Chapter 26 (The Last Chapter)



What would your mother tell you, Charlotte? Hm, she would say, Get the hell up and go get him... She'd be peed off that I hadn't done it sooner. She'd even be telling me how dumb I was acting. I have been acting dumb, haven't I.


"Char, are you going to get up?" Jess asks me. Instead of answering, I pull out my phone and go through my Facebook notifications. I should really delete that since I'm only on Tumblr anyway. 


"Yeah, in a sec." I say. Jess nods and walks out of the room. I sit up and push the covers off, not one turning away from my phone. 


"Do you want to go to the mall." I ask a while later. I look up from my phone to see Jess looking back at me. 


"You sure?"


"Why wouldn't I be?" I question. She smiles and agrees




We're walking around Harrods when Jess says, 

"I like this. The wash is nice." She shows me a pair of jeans that do look nice. 


"It is." I tell her simply. I turn back to a rack of jeans and continue to go through them.


"Go talk to him." Jess whispers. I look over my shoulder at her. I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. My hair falls behind my shoulder as I shake my head. 


"Charlie..." She trails off, not knowing what to say. 


"I thought we were supposed to be shopping." I say. I pick up some  J Brand Denim Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jeans and walk towards the cashier.




      I sit in my room once we got back to the apartment with a million bags. It wasn't like I hadn't been happy to take pictures with the few fans I did see. It's just I look like I haven't slept in years. My hair and make up may be done but the bags under my red eyes were still noticeable  Yes, I haven't been sleeping when I should. My sleeping schedule has been all over the place. I've been watching television until four in the morning. I pull on my head phones and let whatever was playing before I stopped it play again. 


What will I say to you
When it all comes down to it
Seems like with every word we say
We're slowly fading away


"Why the hell are all these slow songs playing?" I ask loudly.  Then I let all of those sad thoughts float back in as the song continues. 


You acted like you cared
But you don't, stop pretending
'Cause you're hurting me

       There was a time when I was really happy. I was 10. I had just celebrated a birthday and my dad planed a trip to Wyoming to go camping since I had been asking for a while. We had the entire car packed and ready. We planned on driving there. It was going to take a really long time to get there, but my dad didn't mind. He told me he just wanted to see my smile. I smiled after he said it and he laughed before he exclaimed, "There it is!".   When we finally got to the camp site, my dad set up everything from the tents to the port-a-potty. Ew. I staid with my dad the entire time. "Squirt, go help your mom finish the wilderness dinner we're supposed to be having."  I nodded and ran over to my mom. 

       The next morning, the sun had just risen and Dad wanted me to go hiking with him, but I was tired. “Can I sleep in, dad?” “Sure, squirt.” It was weird that I didn’t want to go because all of my life, I’ve loved running. My dad had been my inspiration to continue running. On his way back,  he fell out. I ran over to him and keep saying, “Dad!” He wouldn't budge, so Mom called for help and a mountain ranger took him to the closest Urgent Care.  I was supposed to be with him. I was supposed to be there, but I was dealing with the problems I was letting swirl around in my head. 


I swear I will not let that happen between me and Zayn. 

       I get out of bed quickly, pulling my hair into a tight ponytail. I almost forget my running shoes as I run out of the front door.


“Where are you going, Charlie?!” Jess yells after me. 


“I’ll be right back! Don’t worry about me!” I yell. I put my ipod back in my sweatpants’ pocket as I pick up pace. 


I don’t need a gps or car to know where I’m going. I have to just keep the mind set that I need to get there no matter what. The song changes and it only makes me strive harder.


Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you
It takes me all the way
I want you to stay


And then it beings to rain. 




      I’m out of breath once I reach Zayn’s door and I’m soaked  I link my hands over my head as I try to calm my breathing. Once I steady my breathing, I knock on Zayn’s door. Once then Twice. 

“Who is it?” I hear him ask. 


“It’s Charlie!” I yell. He opens the door almost immediately. 




“Wait, let me say something first.” I breathe. He’s quiet so I continue. 


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry about everything. From the yelling to the crying. I am sorry. I didn't mean for things to escalate the way they did. I didn't mean to be an over emotional bitch, but most of all I didn't mean to fall for you.”, I say. His eyebrows rise before I continue, “I don’t want you to say any of the cliches like there are other fish in sea. I don’t want fish. I don’t want anyone else. I just want you.”


“Charlie-” He interrupts.


“No! Let me get this off my chest! I get it. You might not care anymore. You might think I’m pathetic for running all the way over here just to say that. I get that. But, Zayn. You of all people should know that I don’t do things for no reason.” I say. I let out a deep breathe. He’s just looking at me without saying anything. 


“Say what you were going to say.” I breathe. 


He smirks before stepping out into the building hallway. 


“I was going to say, I was being stupid. I should have told you I fell for you.” He says. I smile and it was probably one of the most genuine smiles I smiled in a long time. And that’s when he closes the gap in between us and cups my face as he gives me one of the most passionante kisses ever. My heart beat picks up and I’m probably blushing to my temples. 


He pulls away and rests his forehead against mine. I can’t compose a clear thought besides Zayn and I don’t mind it one bit. I got the boy and that all I could ask for...

Now I know what you’re thinking. Boy meets girl. Girl gets boy. Happily ever after. But this is anything but. I’ll tell you the rest of our story later, but in the mean time, just remember that I got the boy!!


Thank you for reading!!!!


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