Life Of a Direction-ette

Try being that girl that everyone is used to not being popular. That girl that doesn't win anything. Try. Try this: Try being that girl that ends up being famous. That girl that everyone wants to be like, but secretly hates. Also, try being all those girls and not knowing what to do about it.

Charlie didn't ask for fame. And yet, it consumed her.

Charlie was used to being an outsider. Y'know. That one girl that everyone knew but never talked to. She didn't even think that she would win the direction-ette contest. And she sure as hell didn't think she would fall for someone in one direction. When things get tough, she wants nothing more than to go home with her mom. Some things aren't so easy.


16. Chapter 16

"Wake up, Zayn." I whispered. We had already made it to my house, but Zayn fell asleep on the way. It was just me and Jess talking about nothing.

               He groaned and I rolled my eyes in response. I had to get him out of the car so he could get his shit. I sighed as I crawled on top of him. I straddled him as rested my hands on his chest. I laughed at the way he was sleeping since it looked like he might hurt his neck at which the angle he had it, to the side. I leaned over his torso and pitched his nose shut. I waited until he jumped from under me.


"Charlie!" He gasped loudly.


"Get your shit." I told him as I got off him with a laugh. He frowned in my direction while he got out of the car. I dragged my suitcase into the house and there was a very special surprise.


"Surprise!"  Everyone yelled when I walked in.


"The fuck?" I said. I was met with a smiling Jessica.


"Babe! You made it!" She told me as I stood in the doorway, "You've got to see the turn out."


"They're only here cause I'm famous. It has nothing to do with me as a person." I said loudly to her. Everyone grew silent after that. I turned to them and yelled, "If you know what Sknaht means, raise your hand."


             Only about three people raised their hand and I just shook my head. Sknaht is thanks backwards. I had a sleepover with my closest friends the year before and we promised to remember Spy kids since it was one of my favorite movies ever. I even had it in sharpie on my right palm for a week.


"Everyone else get the fuck out of my house!" I yelled just as Zayn walked up behind me. 


"What happened here?" He asked me as everyone scurried out of my house. 


"Nothing. Just fake people being even more fake." I murmured as I lugged my stuff up the first step of the staircase. I stopped and said, "Jess, next time you want to throw me a surprise party with people I hate," I looked at her and finished with, "Don't."


             I marched up the stairs whilst dragging my bags with every stomp of my feet. Zayn gave a nervous wave before he followed me. Once I got to my room, I dropped the bags on my bed and instructed Zayn to do so, too. I'm still a little surprised management let Zayn go with me even though it would get to the tabloids that he was with me in New York,


"So this is the bathroom." I told him, making our way down the hallway. I turned back around to face him and noticed Zayn leaning on the cream colored wall next to him.


"What's up?" I asked him since he had a concentrated look on his face.


"What was that back there?" He asked me after a while.


"What was what? You mean when I told everyone to get out earlier?"


He nodded in response. I took a deep breath and ran a hand through my hair before I whispered, "Jess thinks that now I'm famous, I want really big and lavish parties but I don't. I barely like the outside world even though I'm never outside long enough for me to actually care." 


He looked at me for a second before a smirk appeared on his face.


"What?" I asked because he looked like he had just figured something out.


He just shook his head with the smirk still present. I yelled "What!" louder but he refused to tell me what.


"Charlie! We need you downstairs!" Allison yelled. I sighed loud enough for them to hear and told Zayn I'd be right back.


"What?" I uttered once I finally got downstairs. They looked at me with hurt expressions.


"What the hell do you want? You want me to apologize for kicking everyone out?" I asked with a truck load of sarcasm. Before someone could answer I spat out,


"I'm so sorry for kicking out all of you bitch ass friends for being fake little assholes. We all damn well know I don't know none of those people but you invited them anyway. I'm sorry for not wanting any of the in my  house. but I don't want any of that falseness to rub off on one of you guys. I get enough of that shit at Starbucks."


I took a deep breath and everyone seemed to change their expression. 


"I'll make popcorn while you guys clean up and we'll watch a movie, Hm?" I said tiredly. They nodded and we got back to what were doing. I walked to the bottom of the staircase and called up to Zayn,


'Hey Zee!"


"Yeah?!" He called back.


"The chef would like you assistance in the kitchen!" I yelled with a noticeable smile playing on lips.


                He jogged down the steps moments later and helped me make some buttery popcorn. We watched Parent Trap since that like a fucking classic. How can you not? I sat in the middle of Jess and Zayn. I feel like a lazy bum since I laid with my legs over Jessica's lap and my head in Zayn's. We had the popcorn bowl wedged between my and the sofa.


              When I passed out i the middle of the movie, Jess asked Zayn to take me to my room because if she knew I would be very pissed if KC took me up there.

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