True love last ( One direction Story)

This story is bout a girl who lost so much when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend went off and got killed by a gun shot. She been though a lot her best friend was gone. She toke care of her sisters and Brother. Till one day her life changed when she meets her love of her life! She meets Louis from One direction! She Lives in Doncaster! were she meets Louis and the boys.
I hope you like it guys


2. Meeting the boys

Skylar Point of view

After I got done taking care of my Sister and my little brother it hurting me that I cant take the girls with me this time but I know that my aunt will love to spend time with the kids just as much as I. I walk down the stairs and making sure the kids have everything to take with them to my aunts house and I smile when i see Alex and Brianna playing with each other I just really do care so much about my sisters and i hope one day i will a good mom to my own kids. 

No one Piont of view 

I walk over to were Alex and Bri are at and i smile her "becareful with him bri he just so tiny okay?" She smiles at me "i will big sissy." I love it when she calls me Sissy. I walk over to my phone and i see there a text message and it pops up as lauren. 

Text Covo:

Lauren: Hey man

Skylar: hey whats up?

Lauren: I hard your leaving town for a year?

Skaylar: Where did you hear that from?"

Lauren: your sister Kaylee

Skylar: Can i text you back later i have girls to talk to before i leave and no i am not leaving for a year maybe 9 months but i have to go i have to call my manger and see what going on love ya"

I put down my phone and i yell up to kaylee and the girls to come down here for a few and i look at kaylee with mean eyes. "Kaylee Maire why did you tell lauren that i was leaving for a year when i told its for 9 months" i look at her like i am mad at her for some thing she did not mean to do. "Cause she your best friend i did not know if you wanted me to tell anyone so i thought i would just tell lauren and i know that you love her like your sister i just want her to keep an out for you." i look at my phone "i have to take this." i walk out side and i smile "hello?" i hear a guys voice on the other end. "Hey we need you to come in  and make sure your pack your going on tour with the boys of One Direction." I let tear fall out my eyes "okay i will make sure that i am ready to go and i will be there after i drop off my sisters off at my aunt's house, am i still load to bring Alex since i am the only one that knows how he is ?" hoping they say yes, I wait for a reply and they i hear them say yes. i start to cry. "thanks so much Simon this means a lot to me i will see you a little bit bye." with that i hung up the phone and walk in the house and i smile looking at the girls.

Kimmy walks over to me "what is with the smile!?" I look at kimmy and the girls "your sister is going on tour with the one and only One Direction!" They all start to cry and laughing and i look at them "We need to go I told Sarah that i would have you guys there in hour or so Kimmy will you make sure you get the car packed and ready to go i have to get my things ready to go" i walk up stairs and pack my things and i come across a picture of me and my bestfriend who was my boyfriend before he died and it made cry knowing that he is always there for me. 

I go down stiars and and i see the girls already and i smile "let's go " i walk over to pick up alex and we all walk out of the house and i put Alex in his carseat and i walk over to the driver side of the car and i get in and i start to drive. I get to my aunts house and i get out and open the doors for the girls to get out and i walk over to kimmy and katie "keep an out for your sister i love you guys" i hug all the girls and i hung my aunt and i walk back over to the driver side "Call me if you need anything!" I close the door and i smile and i drive a way looking in the back and seeing Alex is a sleep and i turn on the raido and i smile when One direction comes on "Kiss you" and i start to see along and i get to the stido  and i park the car in  font of the building and i trow the keyes at the door man and i take out Alex out of the car and i walk in side and i walk in to were Simon is at and i smile "Good your here!" "sorry it toke so long i had to make sure the girls are alright." i walk behind simon and i smile when i see A guy with short brown hair with Gray-Blueish eyes I look down blushing like crazy and i look at the rest of the boys and i walk up to them Introducing my self "Hello guys, I am Skylar but every one calls me Sky for short and this little guy here is Alex and he is my little brother but i say he like my son and i love him very much" i look over and smile at Louis.

Louis Piont of view 

I looked at Skylar and her adorable little brother but i could tell she loved him alot and would do anything for him. I walk up to her and introduce my self "Louis Louis Tomlinson and this is Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn" i smiled really big at her.

No ones Piont of view

Harry walked up to Skylar and ask if he could hold Alex and she hand him off to him and Alex started to laugh at harry of what he was doing and it made all of to laugh and walked up to her and i huged her we all did "so Skylar do you have any other siblings " she looks at me with thoese blue eyes "Yes i do i have Five  sister and one little brother witch is Alex and i am more closer with him then my others sisters are" 

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