True love last ( One direction Story)

This story is bout a girl who lost so much when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend went off and got killed by a gun shot. She been though a lot her best friend was gone. She toke care of her sisters and Brother. Till one day her life changed when she meets her love of her life! She meets Louis from One direction! She Lives in Doncaster! were she meets Louis and the boys.
I hope you like it guys


3. Going on Tour


Going on Tour Louis Piont of view Knowing that Skylar has sisters is going to drive Harry crazy. She is so beautful. The way her hair is going to drive me crazy. Her blue eyes, Her blonde hair. "Skylar!" She looks at me with that beauitful smile. "Whats up Lou?" The way she said my nick name is so cute. "I was wondering if you wanted me to show you around the bus?" She looks at me and then looks back at Harry who is still holding Alex "Sure why not! " Finely i said to my self I get to show her around. I walked up and grabed her hand and she did not pull away, She smiles at me and I pulled her away and I asked the lads if they will watch Alex why i show her around. No one Piont of view Skylar and Louis walked hand and hand to the bus. The walk up to the bus and louis opened the door and they walked in the bus. Louis shows her the back of the bus watich is going to be her room and with alex, then He showed her the beds were the lad's would be sleep and he look over at sky who looked like she was going to cry. Lou wraped an arm around her back "You okay love?" She looks at him and fake smile "Yeah why wouldn't I be!" she said and he lift up her chin with his hand "Tell me love?" She walks over to the couch and sits down, pats the side next to her and lou walks next to her and sits down. "I am going to tell why i am about to cry" He toke her hand and holds it tight and kisses her cheek "I feel bad leaving my sisters behind cause i know that my mom and dad are going to know that i left them behind and my dad is the reason why my bestfriend had passed away he did not like the idea of me dating him and we were planing on getting married when Alex truned 6 he loved him just as much as i did he was my world i never wanted to lose him he the one that made me follow my drams and now i am and i get to be with the one that i love the most and its you lou i ever since my sisters found out about you guys i have my eyes on you and i just thought doing this would make forget the day my killed him." Skylar is now crying and lou pulled her in his arms, Looking at the door and the boys walks in. Liam looks at sky, "why is she crying." said harshly, I look at him with the death glare. Harry looks over and smiles at me and sky" so sky how do you like the bus?"  Sky Piont of View When harry ask me how I like the bus i just smiled at him and I look and see Alex alseep in his arms and i walk up to him" I love it and i really do like that you watch Alex He likes you." i take him out of his arms and i look at Liam who is upset and i walked passed him shaking my head at him and he most of notice that i was mad at him and i walk to the back of the bus and I put Alex down in the crib and i walk back to were the boys were and I pull out my phone seeing there were text message from the girls and i smile. Text convo Kimmy: Hey sis wanted to tell you that we are pround of you for doing this She smiles at the text and dont reply back cause she wants to forus on what is making her smile. The boys make her smile when ever she heaers louis vioce. Just thinking about his vioce makes her relaize that she could love again. 
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