True love last ( One direction Story)

This story is bout a girl who lost so much when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend went off and got killed by a gun shot. She been though a lot her best friend was gone. She toke care of her sisters and Brother. Till one day her life changed when she meets her love of her life! She meets Louis from One direction! She Lives in Doncaster! were she meets Louis and the boys.
I hope you like it guys


4. Getting to know the boys!


Chapter 4 Getting to know the boys No one Point of view    Skylar walks back to were the boys are and walks over next to Louis and sits down. "What do you guys want do?" Louis looks over at Skylar and smile "wanna get to know each other?". They all look at him and smile "Truth or Dare?' Harry says and they all smile "sure" Zayn says. They all walk over to the couches and sit on the floor "okay Skylar you go first " Lou looks at her and smile. "Niall Truth or dare?" Niall looks at her and smiles "i am gonna go with a dare!" I look over at he boys and smile "I dare you to walk around out side in the snow wearing a speed o and make a snow angel as Louis make a video so i can send to my sister Katie trust me i have made my sister do this one year" he looks at her and Smiles "okay here goes nothing" he gets up and walks out side as he takes off all of his clothes and runs around and he lays down and makes the snow angel. Skylar hears crying and she walks back on the tour bus and walks in to check on Alex. Louis hands Harry the camera and he follows her and smiles when he see her with him. "Your so good with him Skylar  she turns around and smile "he my whole world i don't know what i would do with out him" she looks down at him and smile.Louis walks in and wraps his arms around Skylar and smiles " you know i just met you but i was wondering if maybe you would like to go out on a date with me and we can take Alex with us or we could ask harry to watch him?" Skylar turns around and smiles at Louis  " i would love to go out on a date with you but first i would like to get to know Harry more before i let him watch my brother even tho i feel like a mom with him tho" Louis looks at her "yeah i would feel like you should too but first i want to try something if that's okay?" She looks into his eyes and smile "Sure" Louis Leans in and smile "I really like you Skylar" There lips touch each other and she feels the spark between them" Wow that was wow" Louis looks down at Alex who is smiling at them.   A\N  Hey guys if you want to be apart of the story as the guys boyfriends i need one for Zayn Liam and harry Niall is taken by my best friend
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