True love last ( One direction Story)

This story is bout a girl who lost so much when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend went off and got killed by a gun shot. She been though a lot her best friend was gone. She toke care of her sisters and Brother. Till one day her life changed when she meets her love of her life! She meets Louis from One direction! She Lives in Doncaster! were she meets Louis and the boys.
I hope you like it guys


1. Family

Skylar P.O.V

Hey guy's I want to tell you my story about how I Met One direction, Lets just say that my life is not what everyone's is like. I have been though alot and it hurts me but i have the best sister and brother, My sisters names are Kimmy, Chrissy, Kaylee,Brianna, and Katie! My brother is more of a little out of it beacuse he is really Mental and the only thing i can do is care for him. I baiscly rised my Brother and Sisters more then my Mum and dad, I lost my best friend in the whole world. He was my boyfriend till he died in a bad car cash. Well I have to go take care of my family mum and dad are way think god! I dont have to Worry about them with out knowing what is going to happen to my sisters and brother. Oh i forgot my brother name is Alex and he is my world

No one Point of View

Skylar walks in to Alexs room and see Bri try to get him to get out of the bed "Brianna Rose." She turns around and smile "yes?" Skylar walks over to her "What did i tell you about getting Alex out of his bed?" She looks down at her feet. "About 40 times." "Now will you please go get ready to leave for Aunt sarahs house please and your sisters that too." She walks out of the room and I look at my brother and i smile at him " Hey there buddy! how are you cutie?" I smile when he puts his hands up for me to pick him up and i walk out of his room and I start to change him in the bathroom till i hear yelling. I picked him up and i walk in to Katies room. "What is with all the yelling ?" I see katie look at Kimmy and then back at me "what is going on now ?" katie looks at me with tears in her eyes "Ummmm. you manger called and said that you get leave for tour but they did not say who and we new that you were taking care of Alex and I said that you would call back and i just thought that maybe we would do something nice for you before you and you need to call them and tell them that you can't go" I look down at the floor and i look up at them "guys its my job and if they need me then i have to go" i walk over to them after i put down alex on the floor "guys look at me " they look up at me " No matter what I will be one call away and they know my life and i am sure they will let me come back but for now you guys are going to stay with Aunt sarah okay and she will do what ever you want like I do okay?" and i see Kimmy smile and i look at katie and i pull them in a hug and i look over and i see that brianna and Chrissy are looking at me "guys its fine i will okay i will take Alex with me and i am sure they will let me" I walk out with Alex and i look for Kaylee "girls were is Kaylee?" i look in her room and she is not there "KAYLEE"  I walk into the music room and i see she singing "kaylee dont you ever do that again i thought you ran off!" i smile at her "you know Skylar you never let me sing with you will you let me this time before you leave " she looks at me with pleding eyes and i look at her and smile "yes Kay you can"

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