Mrs payne (sequal to Being Louis tomlinson sister)

I'm Marie rose Payne uses to be Tomlinson I suggest you read the first book so you can understand anyway Me and Liam are a happy couple with amzayn kids Jaylan and Laylamarie (10) and Tommy (2). When one direction goes on tour me and the lads's wife and kids are in my house thinking about them. Do they miss us or they don't their is going to death divorces and drama


2. Goodbye / Messages

Today was the day that the lads are leaving on tour for six months so i invited the girls with the babys to stay at my flat since is nig and we can talk. All the babies were crying they didn't want their dad to leave. When we all said goodbye Liam kiss me for the last time.

When we got to my flat i showed the girls their room. I received a message from Danielle saying She is getting Liam back i decided to ignor it. The babies were sleeping so was Jaylan and Laylamarie. I showed the girls the text message they told me that dani was just jelousy that i have Liam . When i got to bed i started thinking of the message and what me and Liam been through.

The next morning Liam called me he say that he miss us and that he love me. I decided to not tell him about the message when we were done talking i made breakfast for everybody we decide to have  a lazy day :-).

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