Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.



Juliet POV

"JUJU! WAKE UP!" Louis shouted. "What Lou!?" I said standing up. "Im hungry." He said. "Wow, another Niall up in here!" I said pointing at him. I stood up then fell. "MY LEGS!" I yelled laughing. "Sorry." Louis said helping me up. "You better be you jerk." I said laughing at him. "Not my fault you cant handle it." Louis said carrying me down the stairs. "Please! That was nothing!" I said hitting him in the balls. He fell on the floor in pain. I looked at Layla who was in sweats and a bra. Her hair was tied and she was making food. "You wanna see one? Look at Liam. 10 inches." Layla said laughing. "Tee em I." I said laughing. "But wow 10 inches?!" I said looking at her. "Yes." Layla said handing me some toast and eggs. "Explains why you have big boobies." I said laughing. "Well you know, we are a family of many big things." she said laughing and chowing down on bacon. "YOU DO HAVE BIG BOOBS." Louis said standing up. "Thanks?" Layla said looking at him laughing. "Its a good thing. Don't worry." Louis said tapping my back. "And you have a big ass!" Layla said smacking his bum. "Why thank you." Louis said bowing down to her. I rolled my eyes and Louis lifted Layla off her feet. "Louis! Put me down!" Layla said laughing in the air. "Fine." Louis said throwing Layla outside in the pool. "LOUIS. YOUR DEAD." She said chasing Louis. "Cant catch me!" Louis said flicking her off. All of a sudden, Zayn grabbed Louis, and threw him in the snow. "Ha!" Layla said laughing and pointing out the window. "You snapped." Layla said giving Zayn a high five. "Of course I did." Zayn said chowing down on some bacon. Niall came down with his hair messed up, clothes ripped, and smells like sex. "Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!!!!!!" I said looking at Layla and Niall. "Did you guys?" I said looking at Layla. "Yes we had sex last night. No Im not pregnant. I took a test this morning. And Im on the pill. Twice the protection." Layla said flipping some pancakes. "Thats good. On the other hand, MY THIGHS HURT AND I BANGED TO HARD." I said looking at Louis who was in front of the fire warming up. "Oh don't be such a wuss. Your fine." Zayn said handing him some bacon. "Thanks. Bitch." Louis said. Zayn laughed at him and went to go sit by Layla and Niall. "I tell a bad bitch do whatever I say." Harry sang walking down the stairs. "I never seen you bring a girl inside this house." Niall said laughing at him. Harry flicked him off and sat by Louis by the fire. "Wheres Liam by the way?" I said texting people. "At work. Kid gotta job." Layla said happily. "My 10 inched penis brother got a job." Layla said looking at the pancakes. "Now 5 pound boobs girl has to get one." Harry said looking at her. "WHOA!" everyone but Niall said. "How do you know how much her boobs weigh?" Niall said concerned. "Lucky guess." Harry said laughing and doing cupcake. You couldn't yell at cupcake Harry. Just to cute. "Mhmm." Niall said smacking his face lightly. Me and Layla rolled our eyes and started eating again. "We should do something today." Harry said standing by Layla. "Sure, like what?" Niall said turning on the t.v.. "We could have a mini party. I could take the babies to my moms house, and we could party." Louis said getting up. "Sounds like a plan." I said walking to Louis. "I should do get the babies ready, you coming Niall?" Layla said running up the stairs. "Yeah." Niall said running to Layla. 

Layla POV

I was so excited for tonight. Having a mini party will be the best. We grabbed the babies, and put them in the bathtub together. "Me and Liam would always do this." I said scrubbing Kate's hair. She laughed and put her hand on her twin brother, Cameron. "Shower together?" Niall said rinsing Cameron off. "Yeah. We are only a few years older than each other so it was fine. Not awkward." I said putting Cameron in a towel. I sat him on the floor to play with some bath toys while Niall finished up with Kate. "You look so much like your daddy, Cameron." I said moving his hair out of his face. Cameron put a big smile on his face and threw the rubber ducky to the floor. "Come on, your going to aunty's house today." Niall said lifting Kate and wrapping her in a towel. Louis mom wasn't really their aunt, but we called her that because she has done so much for us. I got Cameron dressed in some sweats and a shirt that says 'Thing 1.' and threw some nikes on him. Kate was in a skirt and a shirt that said 'Thing 2.' We carried them down to Louis mom who was already here. She took the babies and left. We all decided to go shopping. We bought some party favors and left. We got home and decorated the house. Once we finished it was already 5 at night. Liam was home, and we were all ready. "Turn up the tunes! And lets get this party started!" Liam said grabbing his Ipod. "Im down." I said looking for some music. "Pumped up kicks?" I said scrolling down the list. I heard a lot of people say yes, so I put it on. We all started dancing and drinking. Besides Juliet,Me,And Louis. I wasn't in the mood for drinking tonight maybe tomorrow or later. The others were drinking like it was their job. Harry already finished 4 bears, and took 8 shots. Niall was doing the same. I hated watching him drink. When he drank, he turned into a whole new person. "Niall! Come on." I said pulling him upstairs. "Hey we gonna have some fun?" He said grabbing my hips. "No Niall. Not tonight. You need to rest." I said pushing him on the bed. I took off his jeans and threw some joggers on him. "Whoa! But I wanna party!" Niall said trying to get up. I ripped his shirt off and threw him on the bed. "Fine Niall. Go." I said pushing him out the door. I followed him and seen everyone sitting in a circle. Harry was back to his normal self. I wish Niall was. He was acting so different. "So what do you guys wanna do?" Juliet said holding her stomach. "Hold the fuck up." Zayn said grabbing Juliet's hand. "Why was your hand on your stomach!?" Zayn said looking deep in her eyes. "I don't know." Juliet said in shame and sitting down slowly. "Yeah, we have no idea." Louis said grabbing her hand and looking shameful. "You guys tried getting pregnant last night didn't you??" Harry said getting up. "Of course they did. Look at their faces." Liam said pointing at them. "Well we might not be pregnant, we didn't take a test." Juliet said running to the kitchen. "That explains why you didn't drink, Juju." I said running to her. "Look, after what happened with the other baby, I wanted to have another one. Is that too much!?" Juliet said jumping on the counter and sitting down. "No, its fine. Come on. I have pregnancy tests upstairs." I said leading her up the stairs. Once we got to the bathroom she took one blah blah blah. I waited outside of the bathroom door when I heard her scream. "Juliet? Are you alright?" I said. She ran out and told me she was pregnant. I was so happy for her. Once we told everyone, we all knocked out. 


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