Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


21. Welcome home!

Layla POV

3 days after being in that hospital, I finally got to come home. The nurse put me in a wheelchair with Cameron and Caitlyn and rolled me to the elevator. She hit the 1st floor button and started humming. The babies were sleeping like always. They were tired. I decided not to breastfeed well only because I lived with 5 men. And Im pretty sure they didn't want to see my boobs all the time. When we got to the first floor, I seen Harry and Louis holding a sign saying 'Layla!' I laughed. "Im sure this is for you!" The nurse said. She let go of my wheelchair and Louis grabbed it. "Louis be careful I have babies." I said. He giggled and went slow. "Thanks love." I said. "No problem darling." He said rolling me to Niall. Harry and Louis took the babies and Niall helped me up. I jumped into the front seat of his car and Harry and Louis strapped the twins in their car seats. "Thanks guys!" I said. "No problem. We will be right behind you!" Louis said. "Okay thanks!" Niall said. I kept my head on the twins the whole time. Watching them sleep was the best thing ever. They were little angels. When we got home I grabbed Caitlyn and Niall grabbed Cameron. Louis opened the door for us and we walked in. Zayn came running down the stairs and took Caitlyn. Liam came down and took Cameron. "So..." Niall said. "They must really like them!" I said laughing. "Are you in pain?" Niall laughed. "Nah not really. Mostly when I was giving birth." I said. I walked up to Caitlyn's room first. I seen Zayn sitting there singing her a song to put her back to sleep. The song was 'Hey Soul Sister'. He sang lovely. "Um Hey." I said walking in. "Oh sorry do you want to be with Kate?" He said almost walking out. "No its fine." I said grabbing his chest. He looked down at my hands. I noticed what I was doing. "Oh my god sorry!!" I said going towards Caitlyn. "No its fine!!" He said. I looked at Caitlyn. "Im proud of you Layla." Zayn spoke. I couldn't help but smile. "Why?" I asked him. "Well you held these 2 beautiful babies inside of you for 8 months. Your parents are gone and you manage to go to work in 3 days. You are raising kids when you are only 17. Thats great. And for that Im proud of you." He said. I blushed then started to form tears in my eyes.  "That means so much to me Zayn. Thank you." I told him hugging him. I seen him blushing right after I hugged him. Caitlyn started crying. Really. I went by her and seen her diaper. "Oh geez Katie right after we come out of the hospital??" I said laughing. I went by the table  and grabbed some clean diapers. It took a while to find. Then I heard the crying stop. "What happened?" I said with my back to her. I turned around and seen Zayn holding her with a brand new clean diaper on her. The dirty one in the garbage can next to her. "You changed her diaper?!" I said exited grabbing her. "Yeah." Zayn said with his hands in his pockets. "ZAYN I LOVE YOU!" I said kissing his cheek. He blushed then kissed me back on the cheek. Once that kiss fest ended Harry came in. "Your breastfeeding??" He asked me. "Gross no." I told him laughing. "Awe why?" Niall asked coming in with Cameron. "Because Cameron and Kate aren't gonna drink it. You are." I told him laughing. Me and Niall switched babies so now I have Cameron and he has Caitlyn. "Oh my god I forgot!" Louis screamed from downstairs. "What now Lou!?" Zayn yelled. "I forgot to put the milk in the fridge so we have hot baby milk. I let out a moan and gave Harry, Cameron. I went downstairs grabbed Lou's ear and dragged him in the kitchen with the hot baby milk. "Put it in." I told him. He giggled then said, "Thats what she said." I looked at him serious then smacked him. He put the baby milk in the fridge. "Good boy." I told him. I went to go sit in the living room and I got a call. Oh it was my BEST FRIEND. Juliet (Hey Juliet^-^). I answered the phone and heard her voice. "Hey Layla!" She yelled in the phone. "Hey Juliet you alright?" I asked her. "Im doing great!!!!!" Juliet said. She seemed happy. "So you wanna come over?" I asked her. "Yes Ill be over in 10 minutes!" She said. She knew I had the babies and I was with Niall. I looked at the clock and seen 11. "This is going to be a great day." I told myself. 

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