Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


3. The Game.

Layla POV

I made the popcorn fast so I could go back in there. I hope Liam didn't get into my life! I looked at my hands. I thought about what happened. I remember calling Liam and breaking my phone 1 min after the call. I could even smell how my surroundings smelled. Wait that was the popcorn BURNING! Oh Crap!! I think too much! I need to focus. When the popcorn was done, I sat back down between Harry and Niall. Boy were they sexy. Their bodies. Damn. I wanted them. Niall put his arm around me and Harry lay on my shoulder. We watched the movie and right after it finished we got bored. "Lets play a game!" Niall suggested. "TRUTH OR DARE!" Liam shouted. I loved this game. Especially playing with all of them. "Or spin the bottle?!!" Zayn shouted. Or that. "Both!" I yelled. "Yep!!" Liam said. While Liam went to go get a bottle from the kitchen I was left alone with these 4. Louis kept running off about carrots. He was funny!! And Zayn was mysterious. He looked everywhere. Cute! All 4 of them!! After about 3 minutes Liam came back with an empty pepsi bottle. He sat it in the middle and let Niall spin it. So he did. It landed on Harry. "Okay Hazza truth or dare?" Niall spoke. "Um...truth!" Harry said. "Pussy!" I yelled. He blushed. Awe!!! "Fine then you have a crush?" Niall said. "Oooo!" Liam said. I laughed. My crazy brother! "Yes..." Harry said shyly. I couldn't help but smile. He was so adorable! "Okay Mr Styles!!" Louis said as he span the bottle. It landed on me. Crap. "So LaLa? Truth or dare???" He said with a wink. "Dare! I ain't no pussy!" I said. Harry and Niall laughed. "Alright Bad girl!" Louis said. "I dare you to kiss someone here!" That couldn't be so hard!!! Ill just kiss Liam on the cheek! Until he said the rest. "On the lips and it can't be Liam!!" Louis said. I had a flashback. "No." Liam said softly. "And why not?!" Niall said loudly standing up. "Because." Liam said. "Because why?" Zayn said standing up. "Because I said." Liam said standing up yelling. "Liam stop." I said softly. He didn't. "So your the boss on what Layla does?" Louis said standing. "Yes Im her older brother!!!" He yelled. Why couldn't he stop??? "That don't mean shit!" Harry yelled. "NO!" Liam said going in Harry's face. "Liam stop" I said again. He didn't. "I make the rules in my house and you guys cant let her kiss someone when she knew you for 2 hours!!!" Liam yelled. "You guys are..." I cut him off. "LIAM STOP!!!" I said getting in his face. "Ill do it." I said. "No." Liam said. "Your going to..." I cut Liam off. "And if I do I will handle it!!" I screamed. I knew what he was talking about. As I looked at all the boys I said it. Loud. "I can't." And I ran upstairs. 

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