Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


30. Secrets game.

Layla POV
I woke up next to Harry and Niall. I was so tired I forgot what happened last night. "What happened?" I said waking up. "Morning. You had fun last night?" Harry said waking up next to me. I looked at him weird like he had gone crazy then looked at Niall who was already up. He winked at me. I looked down and I was only in bra and panties. "Did I have sex with both of you guys??!?!?!?!" I said. I looked on the floor and found 2 condom packages. "Oh no. No.No. No. NO!" I said. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!" Harry said. I looked in the mirror and found my hair all messy. I smelled myself and I smelled like sex. "NIALL!!!!!!!!" I said screaming. "What??" He said. "How could you let this happen?!?!?" I said almost screaming at him. He laughed. "What!?" I said. "We tricked you babe!" He said hugging me. "Whaa?!?!!?" I said. Harry got up. He was shirtless and almost boxer less. Niall was the same. "We took off all your clothes last night and messed up your hair. Louis and Juliet came in this room for their party that lasted 1 hour long and you were in the same room. The condom wrappers are from us unwrapping them!" Harry said. I looked at him. I ran across the room with him almost catching him. "Stop or Ill pull them down!" He said while I was on the floor in front of him. "NO GROSS EW!" I said standing up. I pecked his cheek because we were only friends and jumped on Niall's back. "Having fun in America?" I said to him. "Yeah because Im with you!" He said kissing my lips. Harry stood there fixing his hair which only took 2 seconds. Liam and Zayn came running in. "WAKE UP WE HAVE MCDONALD'S BREAKFAST!" Liam screamed. I went to the bag and found some pancakes and hash browns. That was my favorite breakfast ever. I hugged Liam knowing he bought it for me. I went inside my aunts room still in a bra and undies. I was used to the boys. They have seen me almost butt naked when I was in labor with the twins. I had a spare key and I opened it up to the twins happily bouncing in the bouncers. "Hi my babies!" I told them. I lifted Caitlyn up and told my aunt if she could hand me Cameron. She did as she was told and I carried the 2 babies to our room. Niall was happy as ever to see them. "Hey my angels!" He said walking up to them. He grabbed both of them out of my hands and kissed their forehead. "I missed you guys!" He said. I smiled. I remembered about Juliet and Louis so I went to their room. I used the spare key to my room. All my clothes were in there so I had to get some. When I opened the door, Lou was still on top of messy Juliet who had something on her mouth. I didn't bother and I just tried to grab clothes until Lou woke up. "Hey Layla." He said sounding sore. "Had fun last night?!" I said. He nodded in agreement and looked happy. "Then you might need some clothes." I told him. Yes I seen him naked. Standing right in front of me was a naked Lou. I didn't care though. I was still in a bra and undies. I seen all the boys naked before. Especially Harry. That boy was sick let me tell you now. Juliet woke up and looked at me surprised. "Hey LaLa what are you doing here?" she said. She tried standing up but was sore. "My thighs hurt." She said throwing a bra on. She stood up and put panties on. Lou already had sweats on. Their hair was all messy. Juliet tried walking. She walked slow as she walked to our room. I had my sweatpants in one hand. Once they got in the room the rest of the boys laughed. "Awe are Lou and Juliet sore from last night?" Zayn said walking towards them. "Yeah yeah yeah shut up." Lou said slapping Zayn playfully. "Wanna play a game you guys?" Liam said walking towards the floor. Everyone agreed and I sat on Niall's lap. "Secrets game!" I said. "Okay Layla you first." Zayn said sounding exited. "Okay well my love life?" I said. "Sex life! DUH!" Zayn said. I laughed and said, "Well I had sex with Niall 2 days ago. THERE I SAID IT." I said. "Do you get it every night?" Harry asked me. I laughed and nodded with sarcasm. "K now Juliet your turn!" I said. "Okay well Im not a virgin." She said. "WE ALL KNOW THAT FROM LAST NIGHT!" We all yelled at the same time. Juliet and Lou looked at each other then laughed. "Okay well um here it goes...." She said taking a deep breath. "Imightbepregnant." She said fast. "HUH!?" We all yelled. "I. Might. Be. Pregnant." She said pausing between every word. "WHAT?!!!!!!!?!?!?!" I yelled standing up. "Well you gave us the condom right after we already did something!" Juliet said. "I guess your right." I said sitting back down. "YOUR FAULT!" Liam yelled. "WHAT ME?! IF ANYTHING ITS LOUS FAULT!" I yelled back pointing at Lou. "WHAT WHY ME???" Lou yelled. "Well your the one with the penis." I said. "True." Niall said. "And you touched it!" Lou said laughing. "Oh please Lou you know it felt good!" Zayn yelled back. "How would you know Zayn??" Niall said. "Who said I was a virgin??" Zayn yelled. "Who did you sleep with??" Niall yelled. "How should I know? What if I slept with Layla!?" Zayn yelled. "YOU SLEPT WITH LAYLA!?!?!" Harry yelled. "NO!" Me and Zayn both shouted. "ZAYN!" I shouted. "Layla!" Niall shouted. "Louis!" Zayn shouted. "JULIET!" Louis shouted. "Harry!" Juliet said. "LIAM!!!!" Liam said. He was weird. "Who said I slept with him!?" I shouted. "It was just an example!" Zayn said. "An example is naming a girl YOU ACTUALLY SLEPT WITH!"  Niall said. "Did you sleep with him Layla?!" Juliet said. "What?! No! Never! No offence." I told Zayn. "Zayn do you want to sleep with Layla!?!?" Harry said. "Maybe!" Zayn said fast. "WHAT!????????????????????????" We all shouted but Zayn. Zayn looked at me. "Wait so you like Layla!?!?!?!" Niall said. Zayn nodded, and ran in the bathroom. Secrets game was turning into Disaster game


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