Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


29. Partying like Americans!

Layla POV
So we just got off the plane. We met my aunt in America. She took us to the hotel she lives in. It was boys and girls. So me, Juliet, and Kate were in the room next to the boys. Across the street from the hotel there was a club. Me and Juliet said we were going to go. We went to go ask the boys and they said yeah. My aunt is going to take care of the twins. I was jumping with joy. I never actually been to an American bar. Oh shit I remembered. In America you have to be over 21 to drink. God dammit. We didn't care. Anyway we all got ready. I wore a tight black dress with some black heels. I wore bright red lipstick and curled my hair to my shoulders. I grabbed a black sweater because it was chilly out. Juliet looked amazing. She wore the same exact thing like me but in red. She had big boobs that showed. My boobs were a little smaller than hers. But I had a butt! She had a little butt. Thats because most of it is on her boobs! Anyway I knocked on the boys door. Harry answered and looked at me up and down up and down for about 2 minutes. He looked amazing too. He wore a button down shirt with only 3 buttons buttoned. Niall wore a black tank with jeans. His hair was flipped right. I went up to him and pecked his cheek. Liam came down and I was surprised. He actually looked hot! I would date him. Zayn wore all black with a button shirt with a tank under. Lou came out like Harry. This time, no buttons buttoned so you could see his bear chest. "Damn how did we all get so HOT!?" I said out loud. "Since we had kids!" Niall said hugging me. Juliet came running in. "Layla do you kno- DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said. I laughed when she cut herself off. "YOU GUYS LOOK H-O-T HOT!!" She said. "Pft duh!" I said. "Im always hot!" I said. I hugged her. "Lets take over the world why the haters gettin mad!" I said. "You sound more american than you think." Lou said.  "Im half american!!" She said. "Yeah." Liam said. "How come you sound more american that him!?" Harry said pointing to him. "Me and Liam have different dads!" I yelled. How come Liam didn't tell them!? "Yeah my dad was british and her dad was american." Liam said. I wasn't embarrased! I honestly didn't care. "Oh..." Louis said. "Anyway we gonna go?" I said. I grabbed my ID and we left. I went to the door and told them I wanted something with no beer or wine. "So soda?" Lou asked. "Yeah pretty much." I told him. Me and Juliet got Coke and we went to go dance. "Hey Im gonna go hit the bathroom!" I said. "Alright!" Juliet said.

Juliet POV
This was great so far! Me and Layla are dancing our asses off! Until she went to the bathroom. I went to go get another drink until someone smacked my ass. "Silly Lou!" I said turning around. "Im not Lou!!" A stranger said. He was drunk and he smelled like beer. "Hey baby don't be like that!" He said as I was backing away. He started grabbing my boobs. "Get off of me!" I yelled pushing him. He wouldn't go. He tried lifting off my dress and he took me to a dark corner. "Help!" I said. He already had his hand on me. "How old are you sweetheart?" He said. "Im not telling you!" I said pushing him off. "Well because you don't have a drink, your under 21. Right?" He said nodding. He kissed me. I pushed him off. I could fight but he had my hands so I couldn't move. "Lets go do something fun!" He said. "I got a better idea." Someone said. It was Layla. "Oh really?" He said moving closer to Layla. "Yup!" She said. She took the drink out of his hand and threw it making the glass break. She kicked his legs making him fall. She punched him. Harry,Lou,and Niall came over. Lou grabbed me. "Are you okay? Im sorry I didn't come over!" He yelled. "Im okay but I want to watch the fight!" I said as he laughed. "Chi town girls bitchez!" Layla said fixing her hair. I laughed and went up to her. "THATS HOW WE DO IT ON THE SOUTH SIDE!" We both yelled. We said that last time we came here. "DAMN!!!!!!!" All the boys said looking at the guy on the floor. "We should leave." I said. We all ran out. "YOLO BITCHES!" Me and Layla screamed outside. "What time is it??" I said. Layla looked at her hand that didn't have a watch. "I don't know." She said. I rolled my eyes to her in a funny way. We walked across the street to find the babies sleeping. "When Im in Chicago,IM GHETTO!"She said. "Are you on something?" Zayn asked. Layla playfully punched Zayns shoulder. "IM IN LOVE WIT A STRIPERRR!" Layla screamed. "So Nialls a stripper?" Zayn teased. "No. Hes MY stripper!" She said. "YOU GUYS DO KNOW WE HAVE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES. WHAT IS THE FUCKING TIME!?!??" I yelled. "12." Liam said calmly. "Thanks." I said calmly. "Awe the girl didn't get any fun tonight huh?" Layla teased me. "Nope." I said sadly. Louis looked surprised and excited. Layla handed me our key. "Go have fun. Ill sleep here tonight!" She said. I jumped with excitement and Louis followed me. We went into the room and locked the door. He jumped on my and ripped all my clothes off. I did the same with him. Then we did something but Im not going to get into detail.

Niall POV
"WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR?! LISTEN THROUGH THE WALL! THEIR RIGHT NEXT DOOR!" Layla screamed. We all put our ear on the door as we listened. "DAMN!!" We all said. All we heard was moaning and banging. Get it? Banging? Hahaha Im funny!(: Anyway I looked at Layla. "Do you think they?" I said. "Oh no. I didn't give it to them!" She said. Before you ask, yes we were planning them to do it tonight. Layla went into her pocket and pulled out the condom. "More babies!" I said face palming. "Maybe Lou had one!!" She said. "Nope. That don't sound like condom sex to me. To much moaning." Harry said. "And you know this because...?" Layla said looking at Harry. Harry pumped his collar. "Im kinda an expert!" He said liking his lips. "RUN WOMAN! GO GIVE IT TO THEM!" Liam said pushing Layla. She fell then stood right back up. I went with her. She had an extra key and she bursted in. "EW GROSS NO NO NO IM NOT LOOKING!" She said covering her eyes. She walked over to the bed that they were on and tried looking for Lou's hand. "Um Layla..." Lou said. "What?" Layla said covering her eyes. "Thats not my hand." Lou said. "GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said wiping her hand on the blanket. "GOD DAMMIT LAYLA JUST OPEN YOUR EYES!" Juliet said. "Oh hey Juliet!" She said opening her eyes. "Heyy Layla..." Juliet said. "Here." She said handing Juliet the condom. "Oh thanks!" Juliet said going down. We stared at her as Lou moaned while Juliet was still down there. "Well we are going to go..." Layla said running out and grabbing my hand. We ran to our room, slammed the door, and slid down out of breath. Liam,Harry,and Zayn were sitting on the beds. "You guys sounded like you had fun too!" Zayn said. "What happened?!" Liam said. "Well I walked in on them doing it and I closed my eyes trying to hand it to them. Instead of grabbing Lou's hand, I grabbed his...well you know...Then I opened my eyes and gave to condom to Juliet. And before she put the condom on she gave Lou a blow." Layla said. I nodded in agreement and the boys looked at us with dirty looks on their face. "Im gonna go to bed." Layla said. Well tonight was fun. We partied like americans.


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