Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


12. Make room for baby.

Layla POV

I knew if I told Liam about the baby he would kill Niall. So I couldn't tell him for a while. I was hugging Niall for about 10 minutes when my head started to hurt. Is it because I was crying for 20 minutes? Well maybe. I decided to go back to the room where Harry and Louis were waiting for me. So I did. And my eyes were puffy. Shit!!!!!!!!!! They are going to expect something. So? I just walked into the room. "Woah!" Louis said. "What??" I said. "What happened?!" Harry yelled. "Nothing why?" I said acting natural. "You sound sad." Louis said. What was I going to say? I had nothing else. "Well guys um...Im pregnant." I said. "WHAT!!!" Louis said. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Harry screamed. "Yeah maybe a little." I said. "Oh my god." Louis said as he hugged me. "Its going to be fine LaLa!" He spoke. "Yeah." Harry said as he kissed my cheek. "You guys really think so??" I said. "Of corse!" Harry said. "We are going to help you through all of this don't worry!" Louis said. I lay on Louis legs as Niall was standing by the wall with the window. "And if you think your going to hurt Layla and this baby..." Harry said moving closer to Niall. "You're dead." Harry said with his face close to his. "I wont I promise!!!" Niall said running towards me. He started kissing me. He used his tongue and Harry could tell. "Guys get a room!!!!!" He yelled. Niall went for my neck as I told Harry,"This is my room!" "Right.." Harry said grabbing Louis and walking out. Niall went for my shirt and grabbed me. "Woah Woah there Daddy!" She said getting up. "I don't want this baby getting know don't make me say it!" She said. "No say it!!" Niall said. I didn't want to. "No don't!!" I said laughing. "Say it!" Niall said. I  coughed. "*cough* *cough* sex *cough* *cough*. Niall laughed. I stuck my tongue out at him. I was a funny girl according to Liam. Wait. Liam. I forgot to tell him. I knew I should not keep secrets from my brother but I didn't want to. He would kill And I mean literally KILL Niall if he found out. So I decided to keep it a secret until I start showing. I was tired. I was falling asleep until..."YOU GUYS DONE?!" Harry screamed while he was coming in my room. I laughed and he carried me around his shoulder while I screamed. He threw me on the bed. "What you doing there son??" I laughed hitting him with a pillow. "Pillow fight huh???" Harry yelled at me. "Yup!" I yelled back. "Fine then!!" He slapped me with a pillow. Me and Harry were smacking each other with pillows and Louis and Niall were laughing. We all decided to have a mini-sleep over. So we did. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N!!-- So guys (: Thank you for reading this Movella ^-^ I really aprecialte it <3 

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