Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


34. Lets find her.

Liam POV
No. Someone has my niece. This. Means. War. I looked at the hand writing and right away thought "Ethan". "Wait. Why would Ethan only take Caitlyn and not Cameron?" Layla asked me. "Thats a little weird." Niall told me. "Maybe he didn't have time to take him." Harry said. "He could have grabbed them. Their cribs are very close." Zayn said. "Well what are we going to do?" Juliet said holding her plumb 3 month old stomach. "We are gonna find him. And kill him." I said clenching my fists. After we have all been through. These 7 months with her have been the best. She is my niece. Layla grabbed my face. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Caitlyn has your smile." She said in tears. "Has? God for bid she is dead?" Louis said also in tears. "No one can be so cold hearted to kill a 7 month old baby." Layla said. She was right. How stupid could those morons be?!?!? "No time for that. We gotta baby to find." Harry said grabbing Layla's hand. We all walked downstairs and all the boys had their fists clenched. Niall's were so hard they were almost bleeding. "Wait." Layla said running upstairs. She went inside the closet. And by the closet, I mean the gun closet. She handed me a hand gun and her the same. She put it inside her pocket and I did too. She went outside and threw a hood on. She went inside the forest and started running. And oh yeah. I was following her. "Where do you think they are?" Harry said right behind us. "Liam do you remember where Ethan lives??" Layla said. "I think he lives more that way." I said pointing north. Layla ran towards more trees and hid in the branches. I climbed the tree with everyone else. "Im scared." Juliet said holding Louis. Layla looked up. "Don't be. Im here." She said holding her gun in her pocket. Knowing that Layla was tuff really made me feel better. "I miss her." She said holding back tears. I hugged her. "We're gonna find her. And if it means killing people." I swallowed. I honestly really didn't want to kill anyone. "Than thats what we do." I finished my sentence with. "Why does this bad luck come to us?!!?!?" Layla screamed hugging me and letting her tears out. "I don't know Layla. I don't know." I told her. Niall hugged her and kissed her cheek. Layla took a deep breath. She went closer to where I told her to go. "What if it wasn't Ethan?" Layla said confused. "It was! He was always wanting revenge from us. He could be the only one." Harry said. "I know but still." She said. I knew its Ethan because thats his writing. Trust me. "Its him Layla." I said. Layla nodded that means she agrees with me. "You know Im only 18 and I have 2 7 month old babies, Im on a hunt for a kidnapper, and I can use a gun." She said sighing. I knew this isn't how she wanted to spend her teenage years. "And our parents are dead." I blurted out. Fuck. I should have never said that. "Right." She said sighing. "Drama, lies, and tears." Juliet said laying on Lou. "Cheers to the teenage years." Layla said with a sarcastic tone. I seen a house. Ethan's. "There!" I said running. Layla ran and caught up with me and jumped on my back as everyone followed. She stood under the door. She pulled her gun out. "On 3" she said. "1. 2." she said and didn't finish. "3!!!!!!!!" Harry said bursting down the door.

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