Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


10. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Layla POV

After I helped Niall shower I remember him bringing me to my bed. "Your so sexy!" I told him. "I know!" He winked at me. All I remember was him stripping down with me. And falling asleep on his chest. "Welcome back.." I told him as I was on his chest. 

Liam POV

Are they doing what I think they are!??!?!?!?!!??! Sex!??!!?!?!?!?! I hope she used some type of protection. He made a BIG mistake. I went to the store for a little bit. I bought something really use full. Food. Duh. It kinda sucks not to have your parents around but you know. Its been 3 days. Im sure the boys are settled in already. I completely forgot. NIALL!!!! HE SLEPT WITH MY LITTLE LALA! I bought the food and ran home. Niall was on the couch. Layla was fixing her bed. I seen Niall. I grabbed him and threw him against the wall. "WHAT THE HELL NIALL!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" I yelled. "Woah whats going on down here?!" Zayn yelled. "Niall slept with Layla!" I yelled. I was pissed. "What?!" Zayn screamed. I found out only the 4 of us were home. "Dude what the fuck?" Zayn yelled. "It was an accident!" Niall said. "Excuses Excuses!" Zayn yelled. He better not mess with her heart now! I heard about Ethan and what he did to Niall. I felt sorry for Niall but he.......with my sister! "What the hell!?" Layla said running down the stairs. "LAYLA!" Niall and Me screamed at the same time. "Liam why are you so overly protective?!" She screamed. "Because of.." I spoke. "It was 2 years ago Liam! LET IT GO." She screamed in my face. "What?" Niall and Zayn said. They could wait. I hate arguing with Layla. I loved her. But this is like the biggest fight we ever had. "But still! I need you to be safe from that trouble again!" I said. "You know Liam, if you honestly think Niall will do this to me then you are dumb." she said. "You slept with him!" I yelled. "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!" She yelled. "If you cant except that then Im sorry Liam!" She yelled and ran out.

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