Brothers Best Friends.

Layla Payne was the little sister of Liam Payne. Liam is an over protective brother and does NOT want Layla with anyone because of past problems. But when Liam invites over 4 friends, Niall Horan falls head over heels for her. Layla and Niall start to be a couple and make a really big mistake. She finds out that the other boys, Harry, Lou, Zayn, even her big brother Liam, Will always be there for Layla.


35. Baby.

Layla POV
As Harry screamed 3, we all bursted inside. I seen Caitlyn laying there. "CAITLYN!" I screamed running towards her. "DONT MOVE ONCE MORE OR THE BABY GETS IT." Ethan told me. I moved back. "Good girl." He said. "Now. I left with a gun shot in my hand. If you didn't already know, My cousin bailed me out of jail. I gained revenge." He said. "And I got it." He said. I moved my foot out. "Don't." Harry said pushing me back. I sighed and took a little step back. "Layla. Come here." Ethan said pointing in front of him. I looked back. If this was for the sake of my daughter I would do anything. Niall looked down. I went by Ethan. "What." I said giving him a dirty look. "Rawr! Fistey! I like it!" He said winking. "Disgusting." I mouthed. "Why are you with him and not me??" Ethan said pointing to Niall. "Because I want to." I said softly. "What!?" Ethan said getting mad. "Because I want to." I said a little louder. I held the gun in my back pocket. "SAY IT SLUT!!!!!" He said grabbing my neck. I seen Niall flinch. I didn't move. And I did do it. "BECAUSE I WANT TO!!!!" I said kicking him. He fell to the ground. Niall ran by me and picked me up. I grabbed the gun and held it to my chest hiding it. The rest of the boys were beating him up. "Nice babe." Niall said kissing me. I grabbed the blanket next to Caitlyn wrapped her in it and ran out. Stuff started getting thrown around us. "Niall Im scared." I said clenching Caitlyn inside my chest. "Its okay. The boys got him."  Niall said hugging me. Louis ran towards us carrying Juliet. "Go. Run." He whispered in my ear. I felt his warm breath on my neck and got chills. I felt a smirk on my ear from him. I giggled a bit. Louis kissed Juliet's cheek and hugged me and we ran. "C'mon!!!" I said running towards the house. Juliet was far behind me and Caitlyn because Juliet was 3 months pregnant. Once we got towards the house, I got the key from my pocket. I started putting the key in as Juliet was still running. The door finally opened as I ran in. Juliet soon came in. She had tears running down her face. "Layla, can I tell you something?" She asked as she sat down. "Anything. Why?" I said moving towards her. "I don't want to have this baby." She whispered with more tears in her eyes. "What? Why? A baby is a gift from god!" I said hugging her. "Its because-" the boys cut her off by running inside. "The cops got him and he's under arrest." Niall said lifting me and hugging me. "Im so proud of you guys." I said running up to the rest of the boys. They all lifted me and hugged me. "I love you guys so much." I said with tears in my eyes. "We love you too Layla." Zayn said lifting me and twirling me around. I did love these boys. They are like my 2nd family. Zayn finally put me down as Juliet was holding her stomach on the floor in pain. "Layla the baby really hurts." She said rubbing her stomach. "What? Your only 3 months. You can be in labor or anything!" I said kneeling to her. "LOUIS!" She yelled. Louis ran towards her. She was in lots of pain. "Im scared Layla..." She said crying and holding her back. "Can you stand?" i said trying to pull her up. "Ow! No my back hurts a lot." she said holding her back and her tears. "Check." Niall said behind me. "Im not checking
! Thats Lou's job!!" I said pushing him towards her. Lou ripped off her jeans like Harry did with me when I was having the twins. "Oh my god,Ju." He said getting up. "She's bleeding a lot." Louis said getting up. "So she's not in labor?" I yelled pushing him. "Honestly, I don't know." He said with tears in his eyes. "Its okay Lou. Come on, lets get her to the hospital." Harry said running towards the car. "Come on love." Louis said grabbing her. We all ran to the car and Louis drove extra fast. Holding Juliet's hand, I prayed Juliet would be okay. "We're here. Come on Love." Louis said grabbing Juliet and carrying her bridal style. I grabbed Kate and Niall took Cameron. We ran inside as Louis ran to a nurse. "Help us please!!!" Louis screamed. Doctors surrounded Juliet's body, and took her to a room. Louis stayed behind. "LOUIS!!!!" Juliet screamed. "Juliet." Louis whispered holding out his hand. "Its gonna be fine mate." Niall said patting his back. "I hope. Hey can I hold Kate?" Louis said looking at me. "She's all yours." I said giving the baby to him. He took her and started talking to her. "Hey pretty girl!" Louis said bouncing her on his legs. Kate laughed with joy as Louis smiled. "Hey, you have a Horan smile." Louis said looking at Niall. I laughed and looked at Niall. "She does doesn't she?" I said looking at Kate. A doctor ran out in blood. "Louis Tomlinson?" the doctor said. "Right here." He said standing up starting to form tears. "Hello Mr Tomlinson, Im Doctor Smith. I was with your patient in the room." He said shaking Louis open hand. "Is she yours too?" Dr. Smith said grabbing Kate's hand. She giggled. "Oh how I wish. She's my niece. Lovely isn't she?" Louis said pushing hair away from her face. "Very. So your girlfriend is doing fine. Just a lot of blood." The doctor said. "Is the baby okay? Will it be okay? Is it still alive?" Louis said starting to form tears. "We don't know. We might have to have a surgery, and that might affect the pregnancy." Dr. Smith said. I felt so bad for Louis. He's been through all this. Louis started to let tears fall. "But it would be amazing, even a miracle if they both live. We're sorry." Dr. Smith said. I started to drop down in tears. So did Louis. "I cant let her die!!!!!!!" Louis said running outside. "Lou?" I said running after him. He didn't answer. He fell on the floor crying. "SHE'S GONNA DIE LAYLA!" Louis said holding me. I knocked on the pavement like knock on wood. "No she's not Louis. She is going to be fine." I said rubbing his back. "Now lets go back inside, so you don't do anything stupid." I said lifting him up and wiping his tears. "Okay Layla." He said taking my hand and following me. Once we got back inside Niall was crying his eyes out. "Whats wrong Niall?!" I said hugging him. "The dead." Niall said still crying. "Oh no." Louis said falling to the floor and crying. "What." I said trying to hold in my tears. I didn't want to cry in front of my kids, but Niall already was, so I just let it out. "It was to small. It didn't even have a face yet. Only 3 months." Niall said hugging me. All of a sudden Harry,Liam,And Zayn ran in. Zayn lifted me and hugged me. "The baby is..." I didn't get to finish. "I know. Niall texted us. Its going to be fine Layla. We are fighters." Zayn said in my ear. "I know." I said. A doctor came out. "Layla? Juliet will like to see you and Louis." Dr. Smith said. We nodded and ran in the room. "Is it dead?" Juliet asked. I nodded slowly. Juliet started crying. "Its all my fault." She said. "No. Its not." Louis said hugging her.


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