Goodbye, Sunshine And Hello, Heartbreak

This is a One direction fanfiction, with Liam as the main guy in the story. If you really want to know more, I suggest reading it.


1. Prologue

Sometimes you just have to let it all go. Forget everything that ever happened. Act like it never happened, like it was nothing. And you're alright. But sometimes that doesn't work. And sometimes you end up broken, sometimes just a crack or two, and others completely and fully shattered. When you're broken beyond repair, you think "I can't possibly break anymore, I'm not even whole to begin with." But you'll find out as the years roll on, if you don't try to get better, you can only get worse. I've learned to move on, you have to let go. That's what I did. I let go. I nearly forgot about you. You were almost erased from my memory, but then you came back. And with you, came the pain. But I couldn't bring myself to make you leave. No, I was an idiot. I begged you to stay. Why would I do that? Oh, that's right. I love you. Yes, after all those tortuous, painful years, I still love you. So I guess I never did move on, did I? But the point is, you're here, and you should'nt be. You should be half way across the globe. But instead you're here, lying next to me. I'd curse the day I met you, but it still remains the best day of my life. If I treated you the way you deserve to be treated after what you've done, you'd hate me, because I'd hate you. But how could I possibly hate you? That's right, I can't do it. I just can't do it. Your name has been permanently etched into my heart. The wound that was left when you left was almost healed, but it reopened when you reappeared. I tried to satay away, but to no avail. Because I'm here, and I'm here with you. I'm here with a shattered heart, begging you to be the one to repair it. You promised me you would. You promised you're here to stay. I'm here to hold you to your promise. '09 was just the beginning to our, close to impossible, love we have, Liam.

I know you remember that night. You did write a song about it. So, what do you say? Will you rock me again? Will you teach me how to love again after you've taught me how to die inside with a smile on my face, to not trust anyone, to hide my heart and at the same time wear it on my sleeve? I know I'm asking the impossible, but can you at least try? Can we start all over again? Can we fall in love again? Can we prove them wrong? Can we forget about the pain and the anger to remember the love? Can you mend my broken heart, Liam? I'm begging you, please.

Loving you is like waiting for rain as I stand in the desert. It's completely possible, but totally improbable. You make me want to hate you. You make me want to scream. But I know I can't live without you. I know you will never be able to love me nearly as much as I love you, but who cares right? The constant arguing is all a part of the thrill, right? Well according to you, wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I'm always wrong. You, the almighty Liam, is always right. Please tell me how we ended up like this? We bring out the best and the worst in each other. We are one and the same, yet two completely different people. You've changed, quite a lot, actually. You aren't who you were in '09. You're a different person now. I guess, one could say, a better person. Oh, but, Liam, you left me to sit and cry by the phone, waiting for you to call saying you were sorry, or that you didn't mean it. But that never happened, now did it? You didn't want me then, so why do you want me now? Three years later? When I'm finally okay without you. That reminds me of that other song of yours. "Taken" is it? Tell me, did you think of me a lot? 'Cause it all seemed to come out in the songs you sing. So many of those lyrics describe us, but they're sugar coated versions of what the truth really is.

I remember being fourteen and stupid. The love struck idiot who was all yours. If I asked you why you left me, would you tell me the real reason? Or, would you say "I thought I was better alone."? I know that's not really why. I can easily tell when you're lying to me. You've always failed miserably at that. I know you say that "the past has happened and we can't change that. So we should live in the now, and think of our future." But we have to talk about this sometime. You can't keep kicking it under the rug. It's time to face your fears, Liam.

Upon all thos days, and weeks, and months, and yes, years of the pain and anger, and longing for you, Liam, I met, the man I can proudly call my best friend, Josh. He is the only reason that I was close to being almost okay again. Though I can't hate you, he does. He hates you with a firey passion. I'm surprised he let you near me, honestly. I would tell you what he says, but you've never liked it whn people used foul language. Oh, how foolish I've been. My actions will only cause myself pain. Well, pain and heart break. Your lips are dripping honey, but you sting like a bee. If I knew better, Liam, I'd be long gone. Yes, Mr. Payne, I don't know how to leave well enogh alone, but neither do you, cause here you are. You're back at my door, asking me for one more chance. You knew my answer before the words could roll off of my tongue, yes; you knew I was going to say yes. You knew I was too weak. You knew I was fragile, so you said you'd take good care of my heart, you'd pick up my broken peices and put them back together so I could be whole again. And I believed you. I let you in. I ffell harder for you than I ever thought possible, so don't hurt me, Liam. I'm begging you, don't hurt me, please.

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