My Brothers Best-Friend

Hi, I'm Crista Payne. I know my name sucks.. I asked my parents to change it 10,000 times but they wont let me. But anyway .. I have two sisters , Ruth and Nicola, And a brother Liam. Ruth and Nicola are older so they moved out but Liam and i still live with our parents.. Im a two years younger than him hes 19 im 17. Hes very protective over me. He has a friend named Harry, who by the way is the cutest thing ever, we flirt alot but Liam does not approve of me and Harry , i can tell. I just cant stay away.


39. Unexpected

Niall's grip tightens. We walk to my car ignoring Harry. Harry smiles at Niall, "Hey mate." he says. Niall observes him. "Hey." He says. Harry looks at me "You look lovely." He says smiling. "Thanks." I say unlocking my car. Niall looks uncomfortable. "Where you guys heading?" He asks walking to my car. "On a date." Niall says as i get in the car. Harry kind of chuckles, "A date huh?"  He looks at me. "Harry can you just leave." I roll down my window and say. He smiles "Of course love" He smiles "See you Miall?" He messes up his name on purpose. "Niall." Niall says. Harry waves and gets in his car and drives away. Niall gets in. "Sorry Ni, Harry is a dush when he is jealous." I say starting the car and driving off. "It's fine. He just wants you back so he is trying to start a fight." He smiles. "So where is Nandos?" I ask as we stop at a stoplight. "Um, Take a left over here and you basically go straight the whole way." He says pointing the way out. "Ok." I laugh. After about 10 minutes of driving straight we are there. As soon as we get out of the car Niall grabs me by my waist. "Pushy much?" I joke. He laughs. "I just want to show everyone your mine." He smiles. I blush and kiss his cheek. We walk in and it's packed. "Jeez." I say. "Good thing i reserved a table." He says smiling. We walk to the hostess. Her name tag reads 'Megan' and she looks like she is a model. "Resevation for Horan." Niall says. Megan smiles flirtatiously. "Right this way." She leads the way to our table. We sit down. I notice her wink at Niall. Niall shifts in his seat. I feel like Harry did when Jason was flirting with me. My face is red. Megan walks off. "You ok?" Niall asks. "Yup." I say looking through the menu. Niall smiles. "Are you jealous?" he questions. "Of what?" I ask flipping the pages of the menu. "I saw her wink at me too." He laughs. I look up and smile. "It didn't bother me." I say laughing. He smirks. The waitress comes over. "Can i start off with drinks?" She asks. "I will have a coke," I say smiling. "Beer" Niall says. The waitress nods and says "Be back." If i had beer i would probably get drunk again. Niall stands up. "I have to the toilet." He says kissing my cheek. At least this time i'm not drunk and Harry is not here. I nod and smile his kiss leaving a warm spot on my cheek. He walks away . I hear a ringing noise. I notice Niall left his phone, and its ringing. I answer it. "Hello?" I ask. "Niall why haven't you answerd my calls?!" A very angry girl screams. "Um. This is Crista" I say. "Who?" She asks. "Crista, Niall's Girlfriend." I state. "Oh. So now he's two timing?!" The girl screams. "Excuse me?" I ask. "I'm Amy, Niall's other girlfriend. Guess he played us both." I hang up. Are you serious? Tears fall out of my eyes. Niall walks back and sits down. "What's wrong princess?" He asks. "I don't know. Why don't you ask Amy! " I scream at his face. He turns pale. "What?" He asks. "You heard me, And you can walk home for all i care." I scream and run to my car. Why does this always happen to me, I can never have a good relationship. I get in my car and drive away.

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