My Brothers Best-Friend

Hi, I'm Crista Payne. I know my name sucks.. I asked my parents to change it 10,000 times but they wont let me. But anyway .. I have two sisters , Ruth and Nicola, And a brother Liam. Ruth and Nicola are older so they moved out but Liam and i still live with our parents.. Im a two years younger than him hes 19 im 17. Hes very protective over me. He has a friend named Harry, who by the way is the cutest thing ever, we flirt alot but Liam does not approve of me and Harry , i can tell. I just cant stay away.


9. The Three Words

I think about telling my parents, I quickly dismiss the thought cause i know what they would say. Hopefully they don't catch us doing anything. "So.." Harry says sitting on my bed. "Will your parents be mad i'm here?" I    laugh knowing i was just thinking the same thing as him. "Who cares!" I say. I jump on him and he starts to tickle me. I start laughing uncontrollably. "Stop! Stop! Please!" I gasp for breath. Harry stops, And i get up and fix myself, I don't want anyone getting the wrong ideas. Harry laughs knowing what i'm doing. "You look fine." He says getting up and putting his hands around my waist. I hold his hands where they are placed and smile. He is mine. Harry is mine. I think of it and it still gives me butterflies even if it has been 7 weeks. I sat there embracing him. He smiled. "Crista I love you." I smile, "I love you to Harry." I smack my lips on his. He loves me. 

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