My Brothers Best-Friend

Hi, I'm Crista Payne. I know my name sucks.. I asked my parents to change it 10,000 times but they wont let me. But anyway .. I have two sisters , Ruth and Nicola, And a brother Liam. Ruth and Nicola are older so they moved out but Liam and i still live with our parents.. Im a two years younger than him hes 19 im 17. Hes very protective over me. He has a friend named Harry, who by the way is the cutest thing ever, we flirt alot but Liam does not approve of me and Harry , i can tell. I just cant stay away.


20. Not ok.

I call Harry but it goes straight to voicemail. I leave a message. I lay on the couch and wait for him to come home. I end up falling asleep again. I feel someone shake me and i open my eyes. I see Harry and instantly awake. "Hey" He says smiling. "Hi. I woke up and you were gone." I say and hug him. When i hug him i smell perfume. I dismiss the thought,  knowing he would never cheat on me. I pull away and lay down again. "Sorry" he says getting up and walking into the kitchen. "I had to run a few errands. You must be hungry." He says starting to boil water. I pick up my phone and i see Julia texted me 23 times. Something must have happened. I click on the first message 'Call me its urgent' I click all 23 and they all pretty much say that but the last on says 'I saw Harry, call me.'. Harry sits down next to me and hands me a cup of tea. "Thanks " I say. "Be back." I get up and go to the bathroom. I instantly dial Julia's number. "Hello! Crista!" She screams on the other line. "What happened i was sleeping." I say. " I um saw .. Harry at the mall today. He was um.. sitting with some blonde girl with bangs. And they um kissed ." My heart sinks into my stomach. "Wha-" I fall on the floor and start crying. I hear Harry come upstairs. He must of heard me fall. He knocks "you ok?" i don't respond. I whisper in my phone "You sure... It was H-Harry?" I studder. Julia sighs "Yeah, Im sorry it would't have been right if i didn't tell you." I start crying again. "I'll talk to you later." I hang up on her. I  sit there. "Crista! Are you ok!?" Harry bangs on the door. I stand up and open the door. I look at him adn walk past him to the bedroom. I jump on the bed and under the covers. "Crista? Why are you crying?"  Harry asks sitting on the bed. I cry harder and try to ignore the world. "Are you mad with me?" He asks. I pull the covers over my head and look at him straight in the eyes. "You s-said y-you wouldn't cheat!" I cry. Harry looks at me and sighs. "I knew i saw Julia. That girl she saw was Taylor, my ex, She wanted to meet me cause  she had some of my old things so i went to get them." He stops talking "You kissed her!" i scream. " She kissed me! I swear you have to believe me. i was going to give her a kiss on her cheek to say goodbye but then she just kissed me." He sighs. "I'm so sorry Crista please forgive me." Harry puts his hands on my face and wipes my tears. I stop crying and hold his hand. "It will take me a while. But i will." Harry smiles and kisses me. I don't kiss back cause im angry now. I lay back down and fall asleep again. 

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