My Brothers Best-Friend

Hi, I'm Crista Payne. I know my name sucks.. I asked my parents to change it 10,000 times but they wont let me. But anyway .. I have two sisters , Ruth and Nicola, And a brother Liam. Ruth and Nicola are older so they moved out but Liam and i still live with our parents.. Im a two years younger than him hes 19 im 17. Hes very protective over me. He has a friend named Harry, who by the way is the cutest thing ever, we flirt alot but Liam does not approve of me and Harry , i can tell. I just cant stay away.


21. Maybe it will be ok again . Part One.

I walk into me and Harry's bedroom. There on my bed were him and Taylor having sex. Harry looks up at me. "It's not what it looks like." He says i sit there and cry while i gather up my stuff to go back to live with my parents. I wake up. I have been having these nightmares of Harry for two weeks now.  In each one he is with Taylor and  is cheating on me. I always wake up crying. Harry is there to comfort me, he always rubs my back till i fall asleep again. We have been getting better. I want to forget that day,  But i know i never will. I feel Harry start to rub my back and i instantly fall asleep again. When i wake up Harry is in the shower, I can hear him singing. This makes me smile. I lay in bed and play games on my phone until he comes out. I hear him walk in "Morning love." He kisses me and his wet hair splashes water on my face. "Morning Tarzan. " I smile and continue playing the games on my phone. This is the most I've ever smiled or talked in two weeks. Harry gets dressed and lays on the bed with me. "Do you want to go ice skating today? I know you have been wanting to go." He asks me. I think about this. why not? I haven't been talking to him for a long time so i guess i should make it up. "Ok that sounds fun!" I say a little to excitedly. I laugh. He smiles at me. "I haven't heard you laugh in a while." He says kissing me. I kiss back.  I missed his kisses. His lips were so warm and soft. I pulled back "I'm going to shower." I smile and walk to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and brush my teeth. When i get out i smell sauce. Harry must be cooking. I walk into the room and pick out a warm outfit. It's like 23 degrees outside. I put on a little makeup and i put my hair in a braid. I look good for a depressed person. I walk downstairs and Harry set up our table with candles, a dozen of roses and the meal he just cooked. I smile and hug him. "Thank you." I kiss his cheek and go to sit down. Harry pulls out my chair for me. "My lady." He says. I laugh " You didn't have to do this we could have gotten Nandos on the way there." He smiles. "I want everything to be special, I screwed up our relationship and now i'm making it better." He sits down and we eat our food. "Wow Harry that was really good!" i say surprised. He makes a funny face "Are you saying my food isn't usually good?!" He acts offended. "Yep, I am" I laugh and put our dishes in the sink. "well then." Harry says putting his hand around my waist. I wonder what will happen later on tonight.

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