My Brothers Best-Friend

Hi, I'm Crista Payne. I know my name sucks.. I asked my parents to change it 10,000 times but they wont let me. But anyway .. I have two sisters , Ruth and Nicola, And a brother Liam. Ruth and Nicola are older so they moved out but Liam and i still live with our parents.. Im a two years younger than him hes 19 im 17. Hes very protective over me. He has a friend named Harry, who by the way is the cutest thing ever, we flirt alot but Liam does not approve of me and Harry , i can tell. I just cant stay away.


4. Him again

Harry picked a scary movie. He knows i get scared easily , and when i do get scared i hide in something. This something was Harry's chest. "Is it gone" I kept saying when the freaky dead thing was off the screen. "Yes" He would whisper into my ear giving me chills up my back. I had to go to the bathroom. "Harry i'll be right back." I got up and headed to the bathroom. When i was done i started walking back when someone grabbed my arm. "Hey Crista!" I saw the face of my ex. Johnny. " Oh, Hi" I try to walk away but he still has my arm. "Um let go please." I say sternly. "Come on babe , I miss you." I smell the alcohol on his breath. "go away!" I try to take my arm away but his grip is tight. "Who you here with? A boy?" He pulls me closer "Let go of me!" I scream. I hear Harry yell. "What do you think your doing?" He says pushing Johnny down on the floor. "Touch her again and i will hurt you!" He looks at me "Lets go." I follow and take his hand. We get to his car and he stops and looks me in the eyes. "Are you ok?, Was he that boy you were crying about a few months ago?" I nod to both questions."He hit me before.. That's why i left him" I look at the ground. Harry makes my face look at his "He hit you?" Tears form in my eyes but i blink them back. "Yes.. Don't tell Liam please.." I look in Harry's green eyes he look's like he's going to cry to. "I will never hurt you.. " He pulls me into a bear hug. I hug him back. "We don't have to go out to the picnic if you don't want to." I look at him "No we are not letting Johnny ruin that too." I take his hand "Im ready when you are" He smiles at me and opens my car door. "I almost killed him" He said getting in the car . "I know i saw how angry you were." I laughed. I saw him staring at me from the corner of my eyes. I turned to face him and said "Staring problem?" I started laughing but he just stared. "How could he hit you?" He asked me. "Your perfect." I stared at him. He kissed me.

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